Friday, July 8, 2011

Stewart Beach

One of the days on our Texas trip we drove to Galveston for a fun day at the beach. The cool thing about this beach is that you can walk out into the water forever and still touch the bottom. Another major difference between the ocean in Texas and the one I'm used to in southern California is that the water is warm here so you can just walk right in without any hesitation (or goosebumps).

I didn't think to pull out my camera until we had already been there for quite awhile. I mention this in case you think I have some sort of bias against my older girls. There are no pictures of them because they were too far out in the water or searching for seashells along the shoreline somewhere.

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


Connie said...

I'll have to show your great pictures to my daughter. She served her mission in Houston and absolutely loved her time in Galveston. I don't think she spent too much time on the beach though. :)

Anaise said...

I get so homesick for the beach.

What a glorious time you all had! What joy!

Richard & Natalie said...

My brother served in Texas (just further south than Galveston) and said it was torture to have such beautiful beaches so close that were completely off limits. They look and sound wonderful. This post just made me really jealous and completely craving some sand between my toes!

Rachel said...

My sisters that live in Texas keep telling me I need to come down and go to the beach. After looking at these photos...... I'm thinking I just might need to!

A Lark said...

Sounds like such a fun vacation!