Monday, July 25, 2011

Elk Ranch

Cutest little cowpokes you ever did see!

One of my favorite places to spend some time when we visit Texas is Elk Ranch. This is some property owned by Allen's brother, Troy, and his family. It is like a little piece of heaven on earth because there is something for everyone. If you want to sit back and watch a movie or read a book, you can hang out in the ranch house. If you want to get outside and play, there is ziplining, fishing, canoeing, and plenty of exploring to be done.

Chow time!

Where the ranch gets its name - this impressive herd of elk roam the grounds.

Uncle Troy and Baby X

One of the cousins shows them how the zipline is done

Ready for a canoe ride

Coolister and Little O

Ziplining over the pond

Bighorn sheep

Allen and Coolister

All-a-boy loved the zipline

These cuties loved going for rides on the Polaris

Allen decided to cool off with All-a-Boy

Coolister became the non-official guy in charge of canoe rides

Did I mention that All-a-Boy loved the zipline?


Richard & Natalie said...

Holy cow! I want to come on vacation with you, Gerb. That place looks fantastic! And I don't blame All-a-Boy, on the zipline is where I would want to be too.

Rachel said...

That looks way fun! Reminds me of home. Minus the zipline, and the canoe, and the tv, and the. :D JK

BUT! The old ranch, the new owners have made it into an elk ranch.....

Rebecca said...

Looks pretty hot in Texas...those red faces! You know I love the sun & warm weather, but that looks like it might have tipped the scale towards "uncomfortable"....but FUN! :)