Friday, July 29, 2011

Train Town Break Down

We made our way back home from Texas in a marathon two day trip. One small town we had noticed on our way to Texas (can't remember the name of it, but I'm sure Allen can tell me. I think it was near the border of Colorado?) was some sort of historical train stop - so, with train lovers in our family, we decided to make it a quick pit-stop on our way back.

At this point in the trip, we had already driven for one day straight, stopped at a hotel overnight, done some more marathon driving (stopping only for gas) and were still not very close to home. You know the drill - fussy baby wants out of his carseat, cries of how much longer? and he's breathing my air! and can I eat something? and I'm bored! Let's just say this - patience was not my strong suit.

I just wanted a dang picture of my smiling family. NORMAL SMILES. Was that too much to ask?

As I continued to snap photos of my family I became increasingly frustrated that they would not JUST SMILE NORMAL ALREADY!

I believe I may have even told one of my children *cough* ElemenoB *cough* that someday I hoped she would look back on all the pictures I have of her over the last two years or so and wish she had not made THOSE RIDICULOUS FACES!!

They seemed to feed on my frustration.

And then... FINALLY! they realized that I was not kidding. I was annoyed. So I got a good shot! No goofy faces.

And then I looked closer as I scrolled through my pictures and noticed that Cowgirl was plugging her nose in my one 'normal shot'.

That was it. The last straw.

I could feel the emotion rising as my mouth started to twitch. NO! I thought to myself. For some reason, when I am in an awkward or uncomfortable situation where I want to cry or scream, my emotions play tricks on me. I don't get why I do this, but it happens every time.

So I did what I had to do.

I turned around and covered my mouth as the laughter escaped me, hoping that none of them would see or hear it. (They totally heard it. I could see it in their smug faces as we all climbed back into our van for the remainder of our long drive home.)

But you know what's really funny? As I was creating this post and looking at these snapshots, I was totally laughing. These pictures are a perfect portrayal of my crazy family. I think it's even funnier that I was so mad at them for not being NORMAL. When have I ever been normal?



Rachel said...

Okay. I am SO glad that you admitted you were laughing at the end of this post because I was giggling through the whole thing because I TOTALLY GET IT!!

Oh my heavens. This post could have been written by me. Should I pull a TF and just post it on my blog under my name? ;)

A Lark said...

I love your family! I think it would be so fun to go on a gigantic road trip with all of you!

Teachinfourth said...

I ditto Nells' comment. Of course, I'd drive in my own car behind you guys.

You know, personal space issues...besides, I have a thing about my air.

As for Rachel, I says BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

I do the laughter thing too during stressful situations. Like when we got in a car accident (no one hurt) and I found myself confused because I wanted to laugh. I also wanted to cry at the same time but who wants to laugh when their vehicle crashes? Jerri

Coolister said...

I'm pretty sure I'm flaring my nostrils in that last one...or I just have a really big nose.