Saturday, December 12, 2009

Season's Readings

Every year at Christmas our family likes to read a holiday story together. These are my two favorites and I often recommend them to others whether it is the holiday season or not.

Let me tell you why.

Christmas Jars is the story of Hope, a reporter who is grieving the recent loss of her adoptive mother when her apartment is robbed. Soon after someone leaves a small jar full of money anonymously on her doorstep. Eager to learn the source of this unexpected generosity, Hope uses her skills as an investigative journalist to find other recipients of 'Christmas jars'. Her search eventually leads her to the family who first began the tradition of saving a year's worth of spare change to give to someone in need at the holiday... but that's all I'm going to tell you.

It is a wonderful story which teaches the power which lies in giving of yourself... and may inspire a new Christmas tradition for you.

A Return to Christmas is a heartwarming Christmas story which follows the lives of two young boys living in different worlds; Artemus and Chess. I don't want to give away too much of what happens, but through a simple twist of fate these boys are thrown into unexpected circumstances which teach them both much of who they really are. It is a story of Christmas miracles and family ties and enduring love. This book is written by Chris Heimerdinger, who is one of my favorite authors because of his ability to write in such a way that his stories are brought to life.

Both books are great to read aloud with your family or all by yourself, wrapped in your favorite quilt with something chocolate nearby.

Celebrate the season with a little bit of readin'!


Amanda said...

I love both of those books!! Especially "Return to Christmas". My teacher read it to us in 5th grade :D

Teachinfourth said...

I love "A Return to Christmas." I read that every year to my class. In fact, we're reading it right now. The kids love becomes one of their favorites of all-time.

Gerb said...

Amanda- They are both inspiring stories, aren't they?

T5th- This is evidenced in the fact that each of my 3 oldest kids own a copy - and treasure it.

Richard & Natalie said...

Yesterday, after you dropped off my wonderful gift, I decided to take a break from blood and guts pills and platelets to enjoy something of Christmas. I curled up with the sugary goodness of my 'Peeps'and started reading "A Return to Christmas" that Ashton received in the gift exchange. I finished it a little over an hour ago. After wanting to read it for a couple of years now I finally have... and it was fantastic!
Thanks for adding to the magic of Christmas for me.

BTW- I feel kind of bad because I'm sure I enjoyed my gift more than you'll enjoy yours. ;)