Monday, May 21, 2007


Do you know the "Sandwiches" song? The one from Pocahontas? What, you don't know that song? Well, I didn't either - until today.

GA and EG were downstairs watching Pocahontas when I suddenly heard GA singing along with Pocahontas' people: "SANDWICHES, SANDWICHES, barely even human!" I told her, "Honey, they are saying, 'savages, savages'. Not 'sandwiches, sandwiches'." Her response?

"That's not a nice thing to say, Mom!"

I think I like her version better, anyway.


Julie said...

Love it! Welcome to blogland! I read every entry....and I can't wait for more. Kid stories are the best.

Julie said...

Oh yeah--love your picture. What is that, 8th grade or so?

Gerb said...

Hi Julie! The picture is 6th grade, actually. My 8th grade picture is the one when I discovered make up and mastered the "feathered hair" look.