Monday, May 21, 2007

Isn't she precious?

CD is growing up so fast! She went from soldier-crawl to rocking-on-her-hands-and-knees to real crawling in no time flat. She loves this new freedom she has discovered and scoots blissfully around the house, searching for items to place in her mouth. (which means I am vacuuming more than usual, and Allen is loving life!) Last week, GA frantically runs to the basement, where I am putting yet another load of our bottomless laundry basket into the washer, and says, "MOM! You NEED to come SEE what CD is doing RIGHT NOW!"

The hard part is, EVERYTHING is an urgent need for GA. So I'm never sure how quickly I really need to see what is happening. Whenever CD does something GA has never seen before, like crawl under the table or play with the door stopper, it becomes urgent for me to come SEE RIGHT NOW. But, because GA is so cute with her little round face and short hair, and those big, blue eyes will not stop gazing up at me until I drop everything and run, I drop everything and run upstairs with her to SEE what CD is doing RIGHT NOW.

Toilet paper! She's ahead of her time. I don't have pictures of any of the other kids getting into the toilet paper until they are at least 9 months old, I'm sure of it. So I quickly grab my camera to capture the moment.

Isn't she precious?

p.s. Don't worry, she didn't really eat any of it. But she sure wanted to. She got pretty darn upset with me when I took the T.P. away after the photo opportunity was over and done with.

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