Monday, May 21, 2007

Man of the House

I am not a huge fan of Bedtime. Last night we went through the regular nightly ritual, which includes the following:

1. Telling the kids to get their pajamas on
2. Telling the kids to get their pajamas on again
3. Making sure the kids have their pajamas on
4. Helping HH and CD get their pajamas on
5. Family prayers
6. Family hugs and kisses all around
(side note: this is a ritual where every kid gives every kid/parent a hug OR kiss OR both. As a general rule, the older the kid is (A.K.A. AM) the less chance of getting a kiss.)
7. Getting the kids into bed
8. Making sure they are not reading books with the lights still on
9. Turning the lights off for them and physically removing any books from their rooms so they will be forced to sleep
10. Getting HH to bed.

Number 10 varies each night. You see, HH believes that the house is his domain. He can sleep wherever he chooses to, regardless of anyone else's desires. We often try to start with HH going downstairs to the boy's room (where his bed is) with big brother AM. AM says, "HH, you got me?" and HH will sometimes respond positively: grab his sippy cup of milk, jump into AM's arms, say, "I got you AM!" and off the happy pair go to enjoy a blissful slumber. On VERY rare occasions, HH will even say to Allen and I, "'Nite! I go bed! Love you! Bye!..." and so on and so forth as he bounds down the stairs on his tummy to find a warm place in someone's bed to share. But, more often than not, Number 10 of our bedtime routine goes something like this:

AM: "HH, you got me?"

HH: "NO!!!!"


Me: "HH, you want to sleep in your bed?"

HH: "NO!!!!"

Me: "You want to sleep with AM?"

HH: "NO!!!!"

Me: "You want to sleep on the couch?"

HH: "NO!!!!" (you get the idea.)

So, last night, as happens most nights, I fixed HH his sippy cup (yes, I know he's too old to go to bed with one but I'm a sucker for the kid, okay? It's not like he'll go off to college, sippy cup in hand. At least, I hope not.) and he happily crawled into bed with Allen and I in his usual spot, right smack dab in the middle of the two of us. I laid his pillow on my side of the bed so I could sleep next to my husband and said, "Here, HH, here's your spot." To which he immediately jumped and laid down. Lights went out. All was quiet. Then, out of the darkness comes his sweet little voice, "Momom?" (this is his very cute name for me) and I respond, "Yes, honey?" To which he answers, "I love you." And I say, "I love you, too." And then, from the other side of the bed comes the voice of my dear husband:

"Who is the couple here?"

But he knows I love them both. And I am thinking, maybe I like the Bedtime ritual after all.

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