Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to my life!

When I was eight years old, I was given my first journal. I was excited at the prospect of filling its pages with the adventurous stories that would doubtless occur throughout my life. However, the stories I recorded were actually quite mundane. And, if anything exciting ever did happen, I never recorded it for fear that one of my siblings would find the journal and use it against me. I was a faithful writer up through high school, even a year or so into my marriage, and my journals became more detailed as I grew older. And then, it all stopped. I wrote once or twice a year at best. And then something funny started to happen. My kids became interested in my life stories.

"Tell us another story of your childhood!" they would plead. So I'd read them a snippet of my life from my journal and they would listen, mesmerized, and even ask questions afterwards. We started a family journal that lasted 3 years. Every month, we would get down the calendar and write about the events that were important to each of us. That journal is a treasure, but no longer a tradition.

So, now I am at the here and now. I am keeping a journal once again, an online "journaling scrapbook" if you will, mostly for the future enjoyment of my children. But that leads me to another thing I have become deficient in, and that is staying in touch with friends and extended family. This blog appears to be a rather easy solution to both problems, and I am excited to start. So, WELCOME TO MY LIFE.

I hope you enjoy my random thoughts and daily goings-on with my family and friends.