Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm a Texas Star!

Howdy all y'all! (That's Texan for "Hello everyone!") We just got back from a family reunion down yonder in Houston, Texas, and a rootin' (YEE HAW!!) tootin' (only had beans once) good time was had by all! Our little EG was especially enthralled by the experience. She has always been a cowgirl at heart and even began speaking with the occasional western drawl a couple years back. She was absolutely ecstatic to 'speak cowboy' and fit right in!

EG was honored to receive Texas-themed prizes at the reunion. She was awarded a 'Texas Forever' shirt which immediately became her new favorite article of clothing (Yes, EG, we DO have to wash it!) and a Texas-shaped pen, her new prized possession.

EG has a passion for writing. She brought along her kindergarten journal and wrote about things that happened on our trip. I will quote her journal instead of boring you with my personal details. Keep in mind that she sound-spells quite a bit. If you don't understand, just sound it out. It's like a whole secret language. I remember when my friend Jason and I wrote notes to each other in sound-spell in high school. It was loads of fun! Anyway, back to EG's journal:

"We drove and drove. We watcht a movey! And we drove mor. I lookt awt my windo. We wnt to a stor to go too the bathrom. We got to the temple in Monticello! (She asked me how to spell that one.) We watcht mor moveys. We stopt in Farmington! I did play! I had lunch and then I did play mor then it was tim too go. Then we drove mor and mor. We saw a lat uv TREES. We were at the watermelon mountins. I saw some horses and animals. We drove allat. I had a drink! I wanted too go to a restaurant. (Mom helped her spell that one, too) It was night. Then it was morning. And we had brekfist at a restarunt. And then we drove and drove and we watcht some moveys! We watcht Rubadubrs. We watcht Bob the Bildr. We watcht Barny. And we watcht more moveys. We got to Texas! I liket talking in cowboy! My mom and dad saw a turtle on the road! I saw 8 water tawers. We went to church. We went to the beech. We went to a swiming pool! Ther was a lat mor but I frgot all uv that. We slept good. It was morning!
We drove allat more. Then we went bac hom. (Big sad face drawn here). the End."

There you have it! Our 10-day Texas vacation in the eyes of a 6-year-old. A large portion of this was written with her Texas pen, so it's very special.

EG was not particularly excited to cross the border of Texas and enter New Mexico. When I proclaimed, "We are no longer in the state of Texas! We are now in New Mexico!" She replied, "Awwww!! Now I can't speak cowboy anymore. I have to speak Mexican. Or just normal."

She can still sing her new favorite song, though, which Aunt Becky taught us at the reunion:

(you better believe I'll be singing this at Girl's Camp next month, along with all the actions!!)

I'm a TEX, I'm a TEX, I'm a TEXAS star,
From way down yonder where the cowboys are!
I can ride 'em, I can rope 'em, I can show you how it's done-
So come on down to Texas with your boots & hats on!

But just so you can see that she is happy to be home, and so I can show off her darling new haircut, here's our happy EG, who we are hoping will take up cowboy talk again very soon.

P.S. If you want to see more pictures and descriptions of the reunion, check out my sister-in-law Stephenie's blog HERE.


pam said...

Hi Gerb, just found your post, having googled I'm A Texas Star. Found the song and I'm tickled that you too love this song. I'm a 6th generation Texan and my Daddy always sang this slightly different version to me (hope you like it):
I'm a Tex
I'm a Tex
I'm a Texas star
From away out West
Where the broncos are!
You can rid'em
You can rop'em
You can catch'em on the run
Hurrah for Texas
and the Six-Shooter Gun!
Ah Hah San Antone!
(we usually throw an imaginary cowboy hat into the air on the last line).
Hurry on back to Houston now, you hear?

Laura McMillan said...

Ha! I was taught this song as a child, passed to my child and my grandchild now sings it. Yet, our version was a smidge different:

I'm a Tex
I'm a Tex
I'm a Texas star
Way out west where the buffalo are
I can rope 'em
I can ride 'em
I can show ya how it's done
So, come on to Texas where the buffalo roam!

Usually, the antics included hand motions like you're riding and waving your friend to join you. My little brother who was around 3 years of age at the time often did it standing in the bathtub when he was supposed to be having a bath. (Similar to I'm a little Teapot)

It's a treat to hear variations of a childhood memory. Thank you for sharing.