Monday, September 12, 2011


(On a recent trip to Cascade Springs - some of my crew +1)

I just recently realized the worst part about having a whole brood of children.

I am birthing these sweet babies, growing them into cute, precocious toddlers, teaching them to be kind, respectful kids, showing them how to be self-sufficient teenagers and then sending them off as responsible, contributing adults.

Once they leave home, they are armed with the skills needed to survive on their own: studying efficiently, budgeting money, doing laundry, cooking meals, and (hopefully) prioritizing time - among other things.

In short: I am raising my kids so they can leave me. I have taught them all that they need to know so that they do not need me anymore.


I can not do this 9 more times. I can't. I can't. I can't!!!


But I will.

(Cascade Springs, August 2011)


Brown Thumb Mama said...

Waaaaah! I agree. The first day of first grade was a killer. I can't imagine how you're dealing with college. Sending lots of love your way!!

Rachel said...

I hear ya Gerb. I say we boycott the system!!!

Linn said...

I'm with Rachel, how do we change this system? The first day of middle school about did me in and I'm expected to do college? No thanks. I'm good without.

cari said...

That is the hardest part about being a parent (teaching them to drive a close second!) :) Hang in there! That last picture is ADORABLE!