Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I am not sure what to think (beyond being completely grossed out).

Today I got a call from Hubba's school. The principal wanted me to know that Hubba and two other boys were getting drinks from a urinal in the boy's bathroom after recess. He explained to them how dangerous that could be and then had his secretary call the parents of all three boys to tell us what had happened.

When the secretary had finished telling me about the situation she asked if I would like to talk to Hubba for a minute. I wasn't sure what I would say, as I was feeling rather speechless at the moment, (and yes, despite the disgusting factor, I was trying not to laugh - it's just how I deal with things) but I did have a quick chat with him.

He told me that he did it because he saw one of his friends at church do it.


Honestly, I don't know what to say. What kid even thinks about getting a drink from a urinal? And how in the world does he convince others to join him in such a thing?

What makes matters even worse is that this is already the second time he's been to the principal's office this year. The first time was for an altercation with another kid who wouldn't move when the class line was walking into the school. Hubba was just behind him and didn't want to break the rule of 'no cutting in line' so instead he decided to kick the kid to get him to move.

What in the world do I do wrong? Is he just being a 6-year-old boy? Am I wrong to feel like a failure as a parent? This is not the Hubba I know.

I have no answers. All I know is that I just love that precocious little kid to the moon and back times infinity and I don't want him to be a troublemaker or have a reputation as one.

The urinal. For reals.

There are no words.


Holly said...

oh, thanks for the laugh just before bedtime! I know some other boys who might do that on a dare, but, eeuuww!

Sarah said...

Oh, Gerb! You are not doing anything wrong!! What a funny precocious little guy you have there, it's nice to know that YOUR six-year-old and MY six-year-old have so much in common.
One of the older boys in Noah's school told him that the urinal cakes were for washing your hands when you were done. My Noah was also sent to the principles office when he offered the "cake" to a classmate one afternoon.
Ha! What are we to do but keep guiding and directing in the best way we moms know how?
You are doing a phenomenal job.
And you made me snort milk with this post, which my kids thought was awesome

Linn said...

As I always say, "when it isn't your own child, it is hilarious!"

That being said, I can understand why it would be stressful, but you are a fabulous mother and kids just sometimes do crazy things. I'm not sure they even know why at times. I'm not saying that as an excuse for bad behavior, but if they are generally good kids (which your Hubba definitely seems to be on my end), I think we just let their occasional strange behavior stress us as mothers (that is our job) and then teach them, love them and watch carefully to see how we can "help" them choose the right. :)

From my experience, they usually give you a reason to wonder how they could be so fabulous and amazing really soon.

Anaise said...

I only have girls, so I could be wrong, but he sounds like a healthy, happy, impatient, funny, curious, promising 6 year old boy to me!

What a story to add to the family history!!!!

(Maybe he misses his big brother?)

Rachel said...

I shouldn't be laughing but I am. My sister's little boy was sent to the principals office many times. One of which was for peeing in the garbage can. He needed to go... it was there........ se he went!

Little Hubba is all boy. Nothing wrong with your parenting. I tell you this not to make you feel better but to make me feel better. :) We've had those principal calls too.

You're a stronger woman than me. At least you kept it together. I'd have busted up laughing and wouldn't have been able to talk to my child for quite some time.

Journal this one. Someday, he'll be so grossed out and you'll be able to laugh even more.

Connie said...

Does this mean your son was the ring leader? Love seeing them show some leadership qualities!
This post makes me laugh and brings back many memories of my 2nd son. Whenever we'd go to school for Parent Teacher Conferences, we felt like we had to meet with the principal too, since our son spent many hours in that office.

Good luck and just keep loving that cute kid!

Rebecca said...

I know so little about urinals, I can't even imagine how one might get a drink from one. And they have "cakes"?!

Boy, at times like this, I'm sure glad to have all girls!

La Yen said...

I am delurking to let you know that this is my husband, to a T. And he is now married and temple-worthy and mostly a grown-up except for being in the Army. And there was NOTHING his mother could have done to change him as a kid. Just take a deep breath and remember all of this for his fiance.

Threeundertwo said...

So what DID you say when the secretary handed over the phone? I probably would have been laughing.

You're a great mom. I wouldn't worry about this kid at all. But just the thought of it...ewwww.

CoolRunnings said...

Don't spend time worrying. Just keep him on antibiotics for the next few years. :) I'm sure you have warned him about doing what he sees other people doing. (Ooooh Yuck!) My theory is a lot of challenging children grow up to be really great adults.

CoolRunnings said...

Oh by the way . . . Since when do 6 year old BOYS think before they do something. They didn't think about it . . . they just DID IT! and about feeling that your mothering is deficient. . . So if you take the blame for their aberrant behaviors then you get to take credit for any successes! Do a little assessment and project how that might weigh out for you. It could be worth it . . . or not. :)
Truth is you had nothing to do with this little group gulp! Now if he had been doing it ALONE we could worry.

A Lark said...

Wow. Just...wow. I have to say, I've never encountered that one before....that is hilarious! You are an amazing mom, you know. (:

Dancing in the Rain! said...

There are plenty of potty stories to go around, so that proves it has little to do with parenting and more to do with curious little minds. I must say the potty water doesn't taste as bad as you think. When I was a kid, I had my little sister get me drinks of water all the time while I watched t.v. I thought I was a queen, not having to get it myself until one day... I followed her into the bathroom to see how she was able to reach the sink since she was too little. Well, to my pleasant surprise, I saw her dip my cup right into the toilet to get me my fresh drink of water. I couldn't believe it. How did I never notice?! Yuck! Maybe that is the cause for my lack of height :) Oh well! Anway, thanks for a funny story!!

Dancing in the Rain! said...

P.S. I think your ability to laugh at it shows the world your amazing character! I want to be like you when I grow up.

This is Kate by the way

Kara said...

I love that you can laugh about this! I really need to work on that for I can only guess what is in store with my son.

Angela said...

Oh Gerb that is so funny and awful at the same time. Hopefully he wont do it again. Its funny how every kid is different

Richard & Natalie said...

I read this and started laughing/dry heaving so Richard had to see what all the fuss was about. He read through it and just said, "Boys will be boys." So I guess Hubba is a normal 6 yr old after all...I just wouldn't let him kiss me for a few days. ;)

Gerb said...

Thank you all for your comments - you make me feel like a better person with a (mostly) normal kid. I swear this is like therapy. You all rock.

infertility goddess said...

Oh Gerb, I should feel bad for you but this is funny. (I did gag a little though)

When I was working, one of the girls had her son at work with us. It was after hours so he was just wondering around playing. It got quiet so she went looking for said 18 month old child. She found him in the bathroom drinking water from the toilet. In a urine speciman cup. We never determined if it had been used or not or flushed or not. We just ripped it out of his hands and started rinsing.

So urine good company! HA HA humor me would ya?