Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boys Or Girls?

This whole week you can leave me a comment on this post and you're guaranteed an answer! Some answers will be left in the comments, some will be answered as a post. What are you waiting for? Go ask me a question!

This post is in response to Rebecca's (totally loaded!) question:

If you had all 10 boys or all 10 girls, instead of some of both gender, which would you choose?

Because the question comes from my pal whose family looks like this:

photo (shamelessly stolen from Rebecca's blog) taken by Summer Murdock

I was feeling a bit of pressure. I finally came up with the perfect answer and, because it's Wednesday, posted it at Four Perspectives.

Come tell me what you think. What would you have said?


Sarah said...

I LOVE this question (and LOVE your answer, tambien), but I only have two boys, and I don't know any different, so I would choose them. Plus they play together and bump their heads and skin their knees without crying. I've only seen what girls to when things like that happen to them, and it AIN'T pretty!

Although....girls are really, really cute!

Anaise said...

It was a perfect answer.

Rachel said...

That! Is a lot of pink. And you did a good job answering....