Thursday, July 22, 2010

Starting Over

I forgot that yesterday was Wednesday.

I realized that today was Thursday at around 3:00 this morning as my husband and I spent some time with our feverish, but very happy (delirious, maybe?) 2-year-old. Just before my sickie son woke up he had finished a long string of talking in his sleep by singing a condensed version of the Veggie Tales theme song.

Maybe this is what happens when you combine Otter Pops with children's Tylenol before bedtime? Who knows. But either way, it was soothingly humorous to lay in bed and listen to my little man chatter to the unknown in his dreams.

Earlier that day we had sent our 9-year-old daughter to the rodeo with some friends, after which Allen and I took our 14-year-old out to dinner and an amazing show for her birthday. When we got home from our excursion we discovered that not only was our 2-year-old burning up with fever, but the 9-year-old had thrown up all over the stands at the rodeo and her friend's mom had cleaned up the resulting aftermath. Did I mention that half of my family had been pukey-sick the day before that with a 24-hour flu sort of thing? I swear they all seemed fine when we left. So, yeah. I'm Mother of the Year.

Before that I was attempting to buy some clothes for the birthday girl who is at the in-between stage where she is too big for Little Girl clothes and too small for the Junior section. We were gone for somewhere near six hours and finally found her an undershirt that fit. Happy birthday, sweetheart! I hope you love that undershirt. (That's about as awesome as getting underwear for Christmas, I'm pretty sure.)

I'll tell you what.

Let's all just pretend that yesterday didn't even happen.

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