Friday, July 9, 2010

No Picnic For You

I have come to the decision that I will not be attending my 20 year class reunion this summer. There were many factors involved, including the distance and cost, but the deciding factor for me was in reading the Facebook page that was created for the planning of the reunion.

It was decided that a family picnic before the reunion would be a good way to socialize and meet each others' families. The location was debatable, but one great suggestion was to actually have it on the grounds of our high school. I loved this idea. I was excited to be able to walk my kids around campus and share some of my great - and even some not-so-great - high school memories with them. However, when it was asked if we could use the school's fields, the inquiry was met with this reply:

The above letter was posted on the Facebook page and everyone who read and commented on it found it to be funny. They were all quite proud of the reputation which the class of 1990 had apparently created for itself back in the day. They also mentioned that they were definitely planning on having alcohol at the picnic, so they were happy to find another location.

Seriously? With everyone's kids there and an open bar at the formal reunion later that night, is alcohol at a FAMILY picnic really necessary? Apparently I am in the minority with this opinion.

I was never really a big part of the whole high school hype, anyhow. Unless my classmates were in choir or drama or (ahem) lower level classes (I'm not proud of my lack of enthusiasm for learning at the time, but it was what it was) then I probably didn't even really know them, anyhow.

I think I'll be planning my own kind of reunion at some point because there are some people that I would really enjoy catching up with. I'll plan a day when my family is going to be in California anyway and call up a few friends that I'd enjoy seeing again. People who know how to have fun and be crazy without a drink in hand. Maybe we'll meet up for lunch or dinner and just catch up on old times.

Now, THAT will be a reunion I can look forward to.


Rebecca said...

Gerb, you opened up your comments again! I knew you'd miss me! :)

I have never attended, and will probably never attend, my own high school reunion.

But I would gladly have a picnic (alcohol-free) with you anyday.

Infertility Goddess said...

I am glad that you didn't take your cute family to the picnic and discover that they would be exposed to lifestyles unbecoming to innocent children.

A private picnic sounds like the perfect alternative!

Ps I have not attended nor will be attending any high school reunion. It was all too much fun the first time around.

Rachel said...

My twenty year is next year. I can only imagine as my ten year was at a bar.....which I obviously did not attend.

I hear ya loud and clear and agree whole heartedly with you. Meet up with the ones you'd actually care to see again in circumstances that you'll actually remember when it over because you won't be so stone drunk! :D

Teachinfourth said...

I think that you made a good choice...

Infertility Goddess said...

ironicallyt, i got my 15 year high school reunion invitation in the mail today.
I feel a smidgen guilty about not wanting to go..
AND.....I'm over it.

Steph said...

Hey Gerb, I absolutely agree with you. Seriously? Alcohol necessary at a family picnic? We are struggling with this now, and trying to find people to help plan the 1991 reunion, which at this point, I'd be surprised to see actually happen. Anyhow, I completely understand. But what a shame that we can not use the WHS facilities. I had kinda hoped we could have our reunion there. :(

Sarah said...

We recently went to a birthday party for my son's 5-year-old friend and EVERYONE was drinking; including the 16-year-old brother to the birthday boy.

THAT was one short party for us.

Plus no cake, boo.

Way to go on the great example to your kids, plus reunions are lame. Hanging out with FRIENDS from HS, not lame.

Annette said...

The West coast must do things differently. My hubby went to his 20 yr. reunion- had a nice time and reunited with a few old friends, but yes, alcohol present. Me, I went back to TN for my 20 yr. reunion- had a family picnic- juice boxes and soda were served, and lots of cute kiddos playing- so fun! And neat to see old friends and 2nd generation too. The following night was adults only, and alcohol was available- but only a few drank at all! We had a blast- and I was never really close with many of my classmates, but we've kindof bonded over the years. I guess it wasn't so bad growing up in the bible belt. At least it made for a fun, and clean reunion. (And yep, I was the only Mormon in my class)

PS- I am thrilled for you on #10!!! Here's a song that I sent to my hubby when he was gone on his latest trip. It also makes me think of you and your hubby :)

Amy Wilson Long said...

I am right there with you, friend. I wasn't able to go from the outset, but can't imagine why, for an afternoon family picnic, we couldn't have some "dry" fun:). Hope I make the cut for the Gerberta Royce Black 1990 WHS reunion!

Richard & Natalie said...

You definitely made the right choice. Plus, your idea of a reunion sounds fabulous and a lot less awkward too.

Lori said...

I'm with you, Gerb. I took my kids trick or treating in a different neighborhood this year and was appalled to discover the parents accompanying them carrying coolers and imbibing throughout the entire evening. We even had a guy offer us a beer at one point. I was pretty disgusted.