Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leave It To Bieber

Today's post surprises me more than any of you. I never, ever in my lifetime thought I would be writing about Justin Bieber, but here we are. Life is sort of funny that way, isn't it?

I first heard about this kid in snippets of conversation among my teenagers. "I don't get the whole hype. He sounds like a 5-year-old girl!" "Forget what he sounds like, he looks like a 5-year-old girl."

I asked who they were talking about and they imparted their limited knowledge of this YouTube discovered singing sensation who was melting the hearts of 10-year-old girls everywhere. "I think you're just jealous," I told them. "He probably already has more money than you'll ever see in your lifetime."

They got me curious. I looked him up on YouTube and read about him in Wikipedia and I came to this conclusion: Justin Bieber is the New Kids On The Block of my day. Everyone either loved them or hated them, there was no in-between. The group of friends I was with every spare moment were of the haters-club and so I became one as well. Until I heard one of their songs on the radio. I didn't know who the singers were (had actually never heard their music before my friends started bashing them) and really liked the song. So I became a closet semi-fan. At one point I even purchased some 'I heart NKOTB' stickers and plastered them on my friend Terry's locker at school, thinking it would be funny. He was furious. That secret has remained with me... until today. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't follow either of my blogs, so it's all good.

Anyhow - my point is this. Justin Bieber seems like a decent kid who lucked out in the music industry. I could never follow him on Twitter because his grammar is atrocious; but hey, the kid can sing. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he's got some talent - at least until he hits puberty.

Oh, wait - I guess he's already 16.

I have to concede one thing to my kids, though - I'm not sure about a 5-year-old, but he does look a lot like my 3-year-old girl...
Or maybe it's just that they both need haircuts.

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