Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Homemade Christmas

It is Christmas day, and I am happily eating Chocolate Crinkle Cookies & Egg Nog Bread (thanks, Mom!) with a tall, cold glass of milk as I sit at my computer.

We had the 6 oldest kids draw names and make gifts for each other this year, and it turned out awesome. Do you want to see what they made for each other? Of course you do, or you wouldn't still be reading!

The Pokemon-Obsessed Kid custom made I'm Taller Than You a ping-pong paddle and carry case, along with an IOU for some ping-pong balls.
The Little Lady Who Refers To Herself In The Third Person made a beautiful skirt for One Of The Letters Of The Alphabet.
Little Cowgirl Who Speaks Cowboy made The Girl Whose Name Rhymes With Nothing some froggy pajama pants.
The Girl Whose Name Rhymes With Nothing created a Pokemon case for the Pokemon-Obsessed Kid to carry all his cards in. Don't you love Mod-Podge? The pillowcase was a bargain-find.
I'm Taller Than You & One Of The Letters Of The Alphabet made Little Cowgirl Who Speaks Cowboy & The Little Lady Who Refers To Herself In The Third Person a quilt, pillowcases, and throw pillows to go on their new bed. Mr. Precocious got a Thomas bed set (the blanket used to be a sleeping bag with a broken zipper, so don't be too impressed) by Mom.
The Curly Headed Cutie got a "happy hands" quilt from Grandma.
Allen got to fix the window wipers on the suburban.

I got time to write a post.

Merry Christmas!


Teachinfourth said...


It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas! My family has drawn names for the past couple of years and it is nice to not have to worry about getting gifts for half-a-dozen people...just one nice gift for one other person; it really saves the pocketbook.

However, there are those folks you just hope don't draw your name...

P.S. You used some names there...blogstalkers are having a heyday.

Gina said...

Loving the homemade gifts. If I were to do that, I would need to brush up on some homemade skills such as sewing and apparently woodworking! Wow! Maybe next year we can do that with me and my hubby.

Yeah...noticed a few names there myself. Hee hee!

Rebecca said...

Wow, it's amazing what skills you've taught your children. I can't even get mine to remember how to flush the toilet!

annette said...

Awesome idea!!! We have done the same thing for years- but with the stockings. Each person is incharge of filling someone else's stocking. We always get some nice surprises and lots of warm fuzzies! I love your idea of handmade gifts. Maybe we'll add that to our tradition and include that as one of the stocking gifts.

*BaNaNa* said...

wait, i thought you weren't going to use names. BEWARE mwah ha ha ha ha ha. Just Kidding!

~cari~ said...

Merry "late" Christmas to you!!! Homemade gifts are the best. Your kids made some great presents. It looks like they were all hits!

Shellie said...

Those are great gifts. Maybe in a few years I can trust my kids to do the same. They are cute kids!

Cami said...

Love the names. They fit so perfectly!