Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Big Girls DON'T Cry!!

I don't know what is wrong with me these days. Yes, I am pregnant, but this is getting ridiculous! Everything makes me cry. Barbie movies, kids in the store, old people, radio commercials, listening to Dr. Laura & Glenn Beck, and especially music. Not only radio/CD music, but hymns at church and even those stupid, cheesy Christmas songs that have been playing since the day after Halloween!! I hate to cry, especially in front of anyone. My face gets all scrunched up and blotchy and I can't just have tears flow, I have to sob. It's humiliating, and the hormones are NOT helping. My friend Jenny sent me this video, and I bawled like a baby.

Please tell me it evokes emotion in you as well, so I can tell myself I am (somewhat? I'll take somewhat) normal.

*DISCLAIMER: I would like to clarify one point and say that I love GOOD Christmas music. Just not the above mentioned stupid, cheesy kind.


Rebecca said...

Well, I watched it and I didn't even get choked up, even though I'm dealing with the same hormonal issue. It actually made me smile, because it's a nice song, and Michael is very nice to look at in that video. (Am I naughty for saying that?)

Anyhow, Christmas songs do make me cry, but not the cheesy ones, just the really good ones. However, please don't tell me that "Christmas Shoes" song has made you cry, or even that you have listened to it without changing the station as quickly as humanly possible!

Gina said...

I didn't cry. Perhaps because I already cried today, and yesterday, and when someone on TV wins something, and when....I think you get it. If you are not normal, then I am not normal with you.

~cari~ said...

Well, I'm not pregnant and this brought tears to my eyes. My eyes tear up just talking to people sometimes. It's really embarrassing so, I'm with you.

You know what song can bring me to tears every time? Thankful, from Josh Groban's new CD. Seriously, it's a good one!

~cari~ said...


I'm with Rebecca...Michael is nice to look at! I love his music!

Cami said...

It's a nice song. I didn't cry. And I'm a crier, as you well know. But, I'm also not in a very good mood. I'm a little stressed, at the moment, seeing as I have not done any Christmas shopping. Ahhhhhh! The stress of it all!

Gerb said...

Rebecca -
I'm with you on Christmas Shoes. It was a cute story until it became a song, too.

Gina -
I love being normal! Thanks for crying. ;0)

Cari -
I love that Thankful song. Were you as disappointed as I that Josh didn't include "O Holy Night" on his Christmas CD? I'm glad to say I found it online, but that's one of his best! Why not include it?

Cami -
Good luck with Christmas shopping. I don't envy you one bit.

Julie said...

Everything makes me cry with this pregnancy. I was okay with this song, though, until the shot of the elderly man alone at his kitchen table. That just hits too close to home with aging parents.

Shellie said...

Yes, that was good, I only lost a tear but I really liked that song. Lots of little things make me cry even when I'm not pregnant. Maybe it's lack of sleep or stress, but I do it too. Kid's books are the worst. It's pathetic. My kids are always saying are you crying? While I'm reading to them and I'm like, "No, I just have allergies." Right.

annette said...

Big girls do too cry. And so do big boys for that matter! It's real to be in touch with your emotions, even if it's not pretty.

*BaNaNa* said...

Well, I didn't cry. I'm only posting this to say, the music video that can get tears is "I miss you," by Avril Lavigne. Oh my, I don't cry with stuff like that, but man, I kinda came close. you should check it out.

Corine said...

Gerb, if you are not normal, then I am not normal with you. I cry; no, I bawl, and come unglued, and, oh... the sight of me! It is so embarrassing! Out of the house I really can't stand it.

But the cool thing is that if it happens in my home, with just my husband Miles there... well; he melts like butter and thinks I'm cute. And then whatever I am crying about, he tries to fix for me. :D I love it! There is always another side to every coin. :)

PS Though... I watched the video, and I didn't cry, not even a snich! (Of course, I'm not preganant either!) TTFN!