Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Holidays!

For those of you who I know read my blog, here is your annual Christmas newsletter. If you want me to mail you the hard copy with actual kid names and photo, leave me a comment or send me an email. Otherwise, less mail for you to go through! I put way too much work into writing our update every year, so this year I had everyone write their own. I think you'll enjoy having a new perspective!

I hope everyone finds time this season to think about what they're giving instead of what they're getting. And I'm not just talking presents - there are so many other ways to give!

And now, for your reading pleasure, I present...


Everyone is going to tell you about the highlights of this year from their own perspective!

Allen- Gerberta and I celebrated 15 years of married bliss in August. I attribute this longevity to Gerberta's agreeing that I'm right so she can fall asleep while I talk to myself about the merits of my brilliant arguments. I remain employed at Wavetronix, which has grown remarkably in its 7-year existence. It is still a wonderful place to work. Church service is an ever-increasing occupation. I particularly enjoy the opportunities this affords to go on high adventure scout trips with the young men. Above all, family life is the most interesting, challenging, and rewarding aspect of my good life. Gerb and I are as excited for the arrival of our ninth child as we were for the first. Call us crazy, and doubtless we are, but the insanity is priceless.

Gerb- The most exciting news this year is that we are expecting another baby! Allen & I celebrated our 15th anniversary with a 14-mile hike and a river run - something I never thought I would do. I was also thrilled to spend a week camping this summer with a dynamic group of 12-17 year old young women. What fun! I continue to enjoy life as a wife and mother and all of the craziness that comes with it.

A.M.- I turned 14 this year & I went on to Venturing Scouts where we do more challenging and fun campouts. I also started high school, which is much harder than middle school was. I have developed new talents in ping-pong and tennis, which, along with friends, eating & sleeping, are my passions in life (according to my mom).

E.M.- This year I was able to fly in an airplane for the 1st time to go to Texas for the Family reunion! I was also able to go to Girls Camp with my mom & had a blast! In November I turned 13 & am now officially a teenager. I am excited to be in my school play, Guys & Dolls.

J.C.- This summer I enjoyed catching frogs, swimming and singing with my family at our reunion in Texas. I have also been making new friends and working constantly in Mr.Z’s mind stretching, fun 6th grade class! (check it out at

K.C.- I turned 8 this year and got baptized on May 5th. In the summer we had a family reunion in Texas. We went to the beach, the water was cold but I got used to it. It was a fun year. I love Cub Scouts, playing with Isaac, Pokemon, swimming, and school.

E.G.- I went to 1st grade at school. I went to the beach at Texas. At Texas I got to practice talking like a cowboy. I like to write letters and draw.

G.A.- I playded with the dollhouse. I playded with HH. I rided on the tractor in Texas because it was so much fun! I sawded fire bugs & went to the beach.

H.H.- I like my trains. I love peanut butter, toast & milk. I love nursery at church and do NOT want to leave next year. Just try to make me. My little potty training toilet seat makes a cool cowboy hat.

C.D.- I learned to walk, then run, then climb. I can climb anywhere and get into anything. I can get away with this because I am so adorable.

New Addition- I am busy growing bigger. See you in May 2008!

May God bless each of you in the upcoming year!



laura said...

That photo is great! How did you get 10 people to look good at the same moment? I can't even get my three kids in one good shot!

I would love a letter if you don't mind. I'll email you my address.

Rebecca said...

Who doesn't love getting Christmas cards in the mail? Just don't send me a bill. Beautiful family, and cute letter. I'll be checking my mailbox (as if I wasn't already)! ;)

Michelle said...

I want one!!! I want one!!! What a darling picture!!!

annette said...

Nice family photo! I wish I could do my Christmas card on line. Unfortunately, many in my family don't do the "online" thing.

pam said...

Me too, me too! I need a new picture for the fridge. =) And if we get our act together, maybe we'll have a pic for your fridge too!

It's all about the "Crew" said...

Nice! I have written our family's -only 3 kids so far, and that is a lot of work! I am sure it must be a pretty labor intensive feat to do YOUR family. Good thinking to have them tell their own!

Pretty amazing, it looks like everyone is looking at the camera! No photo shopping involved? Wow! another AMAZING post, Gerb!

Shellie said...

What an adorable family!