Monday, August 6, 2007


I have mentioned that my kids are amazing, and I wasn't kidding. At the risk of revealing their secret identities (you won't tell, will you?), two of my kids are actually known superheroes. That's right. Batman and Superman reside under the same roof as the rest of us, right here in our fine city. Here is the proof that Batman exists:
One of EM's friends is running a Summer Camp for pre-school kids to earn some money. It's pure genius, really. We live right smack dab in the middle of oodles of little people in need of summer fun. Last week was Superhero Week for the boys, which culminated with an appearance by Batman himself. About a half hour before Batman was scheduled to appear, we scrambled through our existing costumes to create the Batsuit.

Cape? Check.

Mask? Shirt? Tights? Boots? Uh-oh.

Lucky for Batman, his mother is experienced in the art of costume creation.

Felt? Check. Ribbon? Check. Stapler? Check. Pantyhose? Check.

Batsuit complete.

We were a bit concerned that his braces or ragged Nikes might have given him away. Our worries were unfounded. When Batman first casually strolled over to the unsuspecting group of boys, he went unnoticed. As soon as he was pointed out ("Look, guys, who's that? It's Batman!") the boys were simply awestruck. They were amazed that the REAL Batman was actually gracing them with his presence. It was like watching people who encounter a movie star and don't know what to say or do.

Case in point: This is Tiger. AM and Tiger know each other. They have played together. AM has been Tiger's babysitter on numerous occasions. Tiger is amazed that Batman is here, calling him by name. (I guess those Incredibles weren't kidding when they said that the mask was the secret to concealing your identity!) It didn't take long for him to warm up to the idea of a picture, though. Here are Batman and Tiger with their "Scare-the-bad-guys" faces.
And then we have Superman, who has often been seen flying around the halls of his elementary school. Mr. Z was able to capture him as he zoomed by his classroom one day...
The truly amazing thing here is that Superman is his disguise. That's right, boys and girls, he's Superman all the time. All-a-Boy is his Super Identity.

But mom hasn't created the All-a-Boy suit yet.

So, until next time, stay tuned - Same bat-time, same bat-channel!


Rebecca said...

Well, Gerb, after reading your post I can tell you why I have time to post more often than you do: I am not harboring any high profile super heroes at my house. Just a bunch of bored and giggly girls.
So, I followed the link to Mr Z's page, and I'm pretty sure he's supposed to marry my sister, Sarah. So, let's get them together, shall we? ;) ;)

Batman said...

this is batman, and i approve this message. (Will was probably the kid with the most potential as a superhero.)

Cami said...

I love Will's "scare the bad guys face." Great pictures, Sistah Black! Now you will have wonderful blackmail for Allen-the-younger. ie. When he misses cerfew while on a date, you can show the next date. I'd venture to say he'd never be late again!

Annette said...

Joseph was one of the kids that got to meet Batman. When I picked him up he told me in a very excited voice that Batman came! A certain highlight of his little 3 yr. old life :)! I love reading your blogs, although I don't always comment. In reference to a past entry, I think a ward talent show is in order. As long as "lipsincs" could be considered talent, you could count me in!