Thursday, June 21, 2007


Oh, my JC!

This little girl is my twin. Only I didn't reach her craziness scale until well into high school after discovering the kingdom of drama. She was born crazy and has not stopped.

JC is the kind of kid everyone loves. She is a spunky sweetheart, chock full of creativity and imagination. She is witty, silly, and quite the singer and actress. And her heart is as big as they come.

When JC was a very little girl, she loved to tell everyone, "I am the beautifulest and also the smartest and cutest" and things of that nature. One day Allen asked her, "So you think you're pretty hot stuff, huh?"

Her response has become a family saying:
"No, I'm just a little sweaty."

When JC was around the age of 8, she started writing "I love Josh" on random papers and in her little journal. Being the inquisitive person that I am, and not being a big promoter of girls-love-boys at her age, I asked, "Who is this Josh boy?"

"Josh Groban, Mom!" she responded. And inside I smiled. Because I loved Josh Groban, too! I owned all of his CDs and DVDs! I was an official Grobanite! And I told her so.

"But what about Dad?" she asked.

So I explained that when we say we love Josh Groban, we mean we really love his music, that he has an amazing voice, and that we could listen to him sing until the cows come home.

"Maybe that's what you mean," was her quick reply, "but I mean that I really love him. Like, love-love-kiss-kiss love him. Like I am going to marry him someday. He is very cute."

Look out, Mr. Groban. When this girl puts her mind to something, she intends to accomplish it.


Gina said...

I hope you know that I am a lover of your blog and read each post. You are so great at highlighting different family members. What a good idea. Plus, as always, you are histerical! Thanks for being my online entertainment.

Gerb said...

Thanks for the comment! It's nice to know someone is reading this stuff besides my husband.

I am here to entertain. Its what I live for.