Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Has Anyone Seen My Kids?

Look at these faces. I really can't help it that I have such great-looking kids. It's all in the genes, I suppose. Wouldn't you love having these two characters around? My problem is this: these two kids are still in Texas, and I miss them. I want them here, at home. Our family is incomplete without them.

Because our family is a bit on the larger side (and I'm not talking weight problems here, although my dear husband Allen recently discovered he was "obese" according to some online scale and likes to bring it up often-I think he rates HOT STUFF), we sent AM and EM on an airplane to Texas while the rest of us drove. They were supposed to be home yesterday. We were all very excited! We were jumping for joy!! Then we found out that their flight was canceled because of the weather somewhere. And the next available flight? THURSDAY!! I can not take it any longer. And here is why.

I love my kids. I like having my kids around.

I have had a big lesson in taking these two for granted. Many people ask me, "How do you do it? EIGHT kids?! WOW! You must be super mom! You're amazing!" Did you see the two big kids in the pictures there? THAT is how I do it. These two are my super-helper-bees, always willing to do what is asked (although sometimes bribery and threats are involved) and pitch in when needed. I am very blessed to have the kids I do. Since they have been in Texas, I have become Mom-of-young-kids again (although my JC is a great helper, too!) and it is much harder than being Mom-of-teenagers-and-young-kids. I hope they know how much I love and appreciate them. I have learned that I need to SHOW my appreciation more. Which I plan to do.

OK, lesson learned. Can I have my kids back now?

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