Saturday, April 23, 2016

Birthday Waffles With My Birthday Twin

Meet Emily, my birthday twin. She is one of Julia's friends who also happens to be our neighbor who also happens to be awesome. This year on my birthday (March 26th!) Allen was gone on a winter campout (we call it the Alpine Challenge because they build and sleep in snow caves and race in teams to complete various scouty challenges) with All-a-Boy and Hubba so I decided birthday waffles were in order.

Emily texted me that morning to wish me a happy birthday and I invited her to join us so I could buy her a birthday waffle, too. But guess what?! When we were ordering our waffles I convinced the guy that the nutella waffles were the special of the day (because it said so on their website) and he finally agreed to give me the deal and I told him, "Thank you! If it makes it any better, it's my birthday and you just made my day!" The he says, "I'm going to make your day even better. Because we don't advertise it, but you get ANY waffle you want on your birthday for FREE." YOU GUYS. Waffles are FREE on your birthday at Waffle Love. Look how surprised and excited we are about this news!  

Here's the rest of the crew, enjoying their waffles. Best birthday breakfast, ever.

I love his freckles.

 I'm pretty sure you can take a bigger bite than that, Elle.

Challenge accepted.


Look, I'm a monster.

Now I'm a moose!

Now I'm a super happy moose!