Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Where's Mom?

You have no idea how many days I wish I owned this shirt and would wear it as a signal that it was a bad day for me in hopes of garnering some sympathy. Like those days when the kids hate me (I mean, those exact words have been used in our home: "I hate you, Mom!") or dinner is pancakes or when the eye rolls are happening so often I'm getting dizzy. The days when the homework is never-ending and I am trying to be encouraging and helpful but just become frustrated at how easily distracted my kids get when they really need to be focused on something. And so many tough things happen that I can't really write about because as my kids get older it's not really my privilege to tell their stories, you know what I mean?

Anyway, I was having one of those days on Monday. Allen happened to be home filling out our taxes (bless him) and I was down in the basement folding laundry as the 3 older kids got home from school. And I heard them all say the same thing as they walked in: "Hi Dad! Where's Mom?" Then, one by one, they came down to say hello and tell me about their day and ask me questions and whatnot. And somehow, that was such a beautiful thing to me. I love that they want me to be there when they get home, even if it means I'm going to nag them about their homework. 

Some days, I wish I owned THIS shirt, so I could wear it as a way of proudly proclaiming how much I love being a mother.  

(I need to give finders credit to Elle for sharing these shirts with me on Pinterest. I love them. And her.)


stephanie clara elvire said...
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Anaise said...

Yeah, I understand. :)