Sunday, November 1, 2015

Being Thankful

So, it's already November 1st. And I really, really wanted to write every day this month for NaBloWriMo. (Is that even in November?) And also to take time to think about what I'm thankful for and how blessed I am. Without getting into too much detail, I had a less-than-stellar day this morning and I kind of just wanted to come home from church and feel sorry for myself. I was going to lock myself in my room and read for a while but decided I should first throw the clothes in the dryer since they've been sitting in the washer since yesterday.

I do not know how to describe the feeling of opening the washer to find that every item of clothing is covered in some unknown substance, then realizing that the unknown substance is the insides of a bedtime diaper that someone must have accidentally thrown into the laundry basket. I just closed the washer and walked away. I. Just. Can't.

I decided to make a list of all the good things in my life. OK, 10 things. That is do-able. I need to get out of this slump.

1. Despite the swollen diaper mush all over my latest load of clothes, I do have a washing machine. And it works great.

2. I have a dryer, too.

3. Everyone in my family is healthy right now.

4. I have a stove and oven that allow me to cook food inside my house.

5. I have water that almost magically comes to the sinks and showers and spigots all around my house. We can use as much of it as we need.

6. The weather has stayed warm enough for us to still be eating garden fresh tomatoes every day.

7. We have a family pet that requires no maintenance. His name is Bob. I am hoping that Bob will tide the kids over for EVER and we will never need to get an actual animal that requires care.
(Meet Bob.)

8. I have a refrigerator to keep my food cold.

9. I know how to sew. I can make some pretty cool things with my sewing machine, like the costumes I whipped up for the kids this year. I can also fix things that need mending.

10. I have two functional hands, which can remove the disgusting load of laundry from my washer and into a laundry basket. I have two functional legs, which can carry the basket full of clothes outside. I have two functional arms, which can shake the swollen diaper pellets off of the disgusting clothes. And then, when I need to wash the clothes again, I can go back to number 1.

I'm off to work on Number Ten.

UPDATE: I didn't go work on Number Ten. Instead I ate a bunch of chocolate from my kids' Halloween stashes. Then tonight, as we were all getting together for prayers, Elle brought a laundry basket full of clean clothes into my room. "Are those the clothes that were in the washer?" I asked, worried. Yes, She had read my post and shook all the grossness off of the clothes for me. Then vacuumed and cleaned out the washer. Tonight, I have a favorite child.

11. My kids are awesome.


Anaise said...

Oh my! That girl of yours deserves the best daughter ever award!!!

Wishing you a happy Monday!

Petersons said...

Gratitude is a great cure for banishing self-pity! What a great daughter!