Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pizza And Chips

I don't have a picture of our local missionaries, so here's Allen the Younger a year ago.

We got a call last week asking if we would mind having the local missionaries over for dinner. That is something we never say no to!  Especially with all of the awesome people in Texas and Louisiana who have fed Allen the Younger on his mission and are still feeding Elle.  We are always happy to share a meal with the Elders (or Sisters) in our area!

I called the Elders a couple of days beforehand and asked if they had any requests.  The Elder who answered told me that they are grateful for whatever they are fed, but I insisted that there had to be something they hadn't had in a while and would enjoy. With some prodding he eventually admitted that he would love to have pizza and chips because it had been a long time.  That seemed like a kind of odd combination, but I was excited to honor the request and so I made a plan.

I decided to purchase four different flavors of chips, each a different brand, so there would be a good variety. I also planned to buy a couple of specialty pizzas and make a few more simple ones at home. I threw together a large salad to balance out the meal and planned on brownies and ice cream for dessert.

When they came over and we started in on the meal I asked, "Which one of you requested the pizza and chips?" Elder C raised his hand. Allen knew that Elder C was from the U.K., so he asked him, "When you asked for chips did you mean the kind we have here or the French fry/potato kind of chips?" He answered that he meant the French fry/potato kind, but that these were great. So I asked, "Do we have the kind of pizza that you were hoping for when you asked for pizza?" And you know what he said?

"Did I ask for pizza?"

He then quickly tried to backpedal and make it sound like pizza was exactly what he had been hoping for. But suddenly my mind was replaying our phone conversation when the strange request was made, and I remembered that the kids were being noisy and I was having a hard time hearing the call and understanding his words. And suddenly it dawned on me that he had probably not asked for pizza and chips at all, but FISH AND CHIPS. He was hoping for a little taste of home, and I heard him wrong.

So instead he got Papa John's and Doritos, you guys.


My only consolation is that I'm thinking this will make a great story for him to tell when he writes home.

Plus, we did have brownies and ice cream for dessert.

(Does anyone have a good recipe for fish and chips so I can rectify this? Better yet, where's the best place to buy authentic fish and chips locally?)


Petersons said...

Oh Gerb this is so funny! I've never made deep fried fish but I've had very yummy fish and chips in Victoria, BC and London. Good Luck.

Heather Rose-Chase said...

Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! We have lost in translation moments just about every day here in China. Good to know they happen in the States as well! hahahaha! My favorite here was when we excitedly saw "Chicken and Ribs" on the menu and nearly drooled on the spot. When it arrived, it was actually chicken feet and rib marrow. The drool changed to tears! We do have a great pub here with outstanding British fish and chips though. Come visit! ;)

Blogful said...

Hey Gerb. I am an avid reader of your epic blog. Speaking of food, could you post more recipes and/or solutions on feeding a crowd? Huge hits at our house are your tortellini soup, your "cake for breakfast" baked oatmeal, and would it embarrass you to know I have all your packed lunch ideas taped inside one of my cupboards? Spill the beans child: I need more of your awesome cooking around here. Healthy, kids like it, easy/quick. I wish I had a fish and chips recipe to share in exchange. Generally I just bake fish with lemon juice, S&P, and butter. Though I have been known to coat it in bread crumbs mixed with Old Bay and pan fry it.

Gerb said...

Blogful- I will get some good ones posted before too long. Right now I have about a zillion posts on the back burner and a couple of recipes are in there! Thanks for the comment - I love requests. :)