Thursday, September 25, 2014

Idaho Times Two

Julia recently left us to attend college. The thing that makes her departure different from Allen the Younger's and Elle's is that she left the state. I'm proud of her for gaining some independence and leaving everything she knows and is familiar with but a teeny part of me just wishes she was still around to quote movies in every other breath and bake us cookies every other day. Okay, maybe a huge part of me. It was like taking her off to kindergarten all over again... but not really. Words aren't working right now, so let me tell you about our trip(s).

Julia had never been to BYU-Idaho, so Allen, Julia and I made a weekend trip to get familiar with the campus and community before the whole place is swarming with students. And I'll tell you what, THAT PLACE IS FANTASTIC. I want to go to school with her!

We were having such a grand time that I forgot to take pictures of the campus with its gardens and beautiful buildings and apple orchard and open spaces. But I came around once we were headed back to Idaho Falls for the evening.

We were told that we needed to go get some of the world's best ice cream at Reed's Dairy, so we did.  And it was.

We decided to take the long way home the next morning...

so we could see the Tetons...

and travel through a place that is dear to our hearts - Afton, Wyoming.

We had to stop at a playground behind a school where Allen's grandma used to live so he could play on the merry-go-round that has been there as long as he can remember.

I sure love these two!

Everything about the drive just spoke to me of the beauty of this earth. The weather was perfect and the scenery was gorgeous.

About a month later, Julia, Little X and I packed our 15 passenger van with her boxes, bags, suitcases, groceries and bike and made the 4+ hour trek once again. This time for real. My cousin Brenda let us sleep at her home that evening so we could get to the dorms first thing in the morning. It was so great to just sit and visit with Brenda and her daughter Katie and ask questions about what to expect for the first day, week and year at BYU-I.

I love both of these pictures of Brenda and I for different reasons. We both look nice here.

But this one fits our personalities better. I could just sit and laugh with her all day!

The next morning we fought the traffic heading into Rexburg (HOLY COW!) and found a parking spot about 2 blocks from her dorm. It all worked out for carrying everything in to her new place because there were so many random people just wanting to help! Little X and I got to meet Julia's roommates and their parents, help her with unpacking for most of the day and then turn right around and head back home. When it was time for her to go she gave me a hug, told me she loved me and then said, "Don't cry, Mom!" as she walked away. Well if that wasn't going to get the tears going I don't know what would!

And now, here we are with life continuing to happen all around us.  Julia's doing awesome and totally taking on life as a college student with all that she's got and loving every minute. She's an amazing human being who is a light everywhere she goes and I am a lucky, lucky human being to be able to call her mine.

Rock it, Julia! Remember to make each day your best day, ever.

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Kara said...

I teared up just reading the words, don't cry. Seems like it was just yesterday and Julia and my oldest would walk home from the bus stop in junior high and occasionally stop to visit with Janice. She truly enjoyed those visits and I appreciated the friend Julia was to my daughter at that time.