Saturday, September 20, 2014

Quick Quips

(on the way to dropping kids off at school) 
X: Can you play Boots and Cats really loud?
me: Boots and Cats isn't on the radio, just the internet.
X: Just find it! I need some bootsncatsnbeesbeesbees to dance to!

(In case you're not familiar with Boots and Cats, here you go! Elle shared it with us before she left on her mission.)

(Car conversation with All-a-Boy)
Me: I'm going to stop at the store really quick before we go home to see if they sell those super-absorbent underwear with plastic on the outside.
A-A-B: Wow, Mom. TMI, but okay.
Me: Wait, I'm not buying them for ME, they're for X! For potty training!
A-A-B: That suddenly makes a lot more sense.

One day when I was using my wheat grinder X covered his ears and then went out in the garage and brought back two sets of ear-protection and told me, "Put on yours headphones mom! Your ears is breaking with that noisy!"

X: Mom, can you sit under my lap?
Curly: I asked Little O what time it was. He looked at my clock and said, one hundred. (It was 1:00.)


Anaise said...

I love laughing at the things kids say. :) I'm especially chuckling over All A Boy's comment.

Blogful said...

This is why being a mom is the coolest job in the world.

Petersons said...

Gah- that video! How are you still sane? :)