Friday, October 25, 2013

Errors Around Town

First off, commas really do change lives!  You've probably all seen the examples of  Let's eat, Grandma and Let's eat Grandma but yesterday I read of a real life situation on my cousin's facebook wall where someone's entire life was the result of a forgotten comma.  A woman, let's call her Jane, was pregnant and got a letter from her husband serving overseas where he said, You name her Jane.  She thought it odd to name the baby after her but was touched that her husband missed her and wanted the baby to share her name.  Baby Jane was born and a few months later he returned home. He asked why in the world she would name the baby Jane?  She showed him the letter he had written and he explained that he had meant You name her, Jane.  As in, you decide on a name.  Seriously, people.  Commas change lives.

Nothing tops that story but here are some errors I've seen over the past few months:

This gem is located right in front of Elle's dorm.  

This is posted on the door of one of All-a-Boy's classes at the high school.  That's right, it is written by a teacher.  I'm just glad she teaches math and not English.

 Look at the description for Bistec en Rajas.  I have no idea what that means and I don't want to know.  Where do you think they find chunks?

I can't allow my kids to go to a school that has typos in their recruiting mailers.  Even if your qualify for a scholarship.

I love you ROCK STAR.  And I love how the image of the hand is stolen from shutterstock and they didn't even really try to hide it.  The dollar store always has something awesome for me but this is one of my favorites.

My friends went to Boston and sent me the next few pictures from their journey.  Thanks Larsons!
Come to Rhonda's house and find out why you are a great.

Every S deserves an apostrophe!

This one is just funny.  No guarantees if you're shopping here! 

 These next three pictures are from my trip to New York a couple of weeks ago.  There's no grammatical error but there's definitely something wrong going on here. 

Do you need a closer look?

Your eyes do not deceive you.  That's Bedtime Bear hanging from a hook in the corner of a restaurant on Broadway.  

I couldn't resist asking what this was all about.  What do you think?  Leave your guess in a comment and I'll send (or deliver for local friends) a care package with some of my most favorite things to the first person who gets it right.


Cami Smith said...

My guess it is some sort of reference to "The City that Never Sleeps."

My favorite is that they are probably priced the lowest in town! Just probably!

girlsmama said...

Warding off bad dreams.

Rachel said...

For all who pass under, they have sweet dreams and their proper 8 hours of sleep warding off insomnia and bad dreams? :D

Gerb said...

It actually has a 'practical' purpose, so to speak. Nothing symbolic. Any last guesses before I give the answer away? I was so excited to send someone a package!

Gina Smith said...

I don't have a guess, but I found a grammatical error in your post. Don't kill me. Shower me with gifts. Sentence above your Utah State University picture. You posed the same mistake the university made in typing "your" instead of "you." And yes, I spent all six years of my education at that lovely institution. You are welcome.

Gerb said...

Gina- I was trying to be funny in copying their error. :) But I would still love to shower you with gifts - every day for the rest of your life. You just need to move down this way.

Gerb said...

I can finally tell you what the bear was all about! My friend Heather guessed it on my Facebook wall:

To see if the air con is on?

Yes! They have Bedtime Bear hanging in a corner so they can tell if the A/C is working! I'm not sure why they didn't just use a piece of ribbon or a windsock or something, but there you have it.