Thursday, April 5, 2012

40 More Acts of Kindness

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I was thinking today over the last month and how much I loved my birthday and I started to think of all of the kind things that others did for me to make it awesome. There were a lot! I wondered if I could think of 40 things in order to make another list of 40 acts of kindness - and I totally did.

I hope I don't embarrass anyone by naming names. Just accept the fact that you're awesome and OWN IT.

1. Hubba's teachers at church invited our whole family over for pizza and treats (because he asked them if they would).

2. My little brother Chip brought me lunch when he was in town working.

3. The Relief Society sent me a birthday card.

4. Our friend Barbara fed us some corned beef and cabbage stew on St. Patrick's Day.

5. Barbara gave us a crockpot full of leftovers to enjoy for dinner the next day, too.

6. My oldest 3 kids did a lot of babysitting while I ran around doing things for my birthday.

7. The Young Women at church sang me a happy birthday song.

8. My sweet friend Jan fed me dinner and sent me home with a birthday bag filled to overflowing with things that made me smile.

9. Jenny, in true awesome fashion, gave me enough duffel bags to double my donation for kids in foster care.

10. My favorite neighbors across the street, Ashley & GaeLynn, brought me a plate of delicious cookies.

11. Chip and his wife Becky gave me a huge box of magazines to help with my donation to the hospital.

12. Allen let me sleep in!

13. My friend Jenny (who knows me so well!) gifted me a tray full of eclairs along with a movie to enjoy as I stuffed my face with them.

14. My Facebook friends left me an overwhelming amount of happy birthday wishes.

15. My dear friend Michelle gave me a whole plethora of fun, crazy, brightly colored socks.

16. Chip and Becky (yeah, they're pretty awesome) gave me a whole trunk full of scrapbook supplies to donate.

17. Allen made breakfast and got the kids sent off to school.

18. I received a birthday card in the mail from my Uncle Earl.

19. My mom sent me a happy birthday email.

20. My funny friends Natalie and Rachel brought me a bag filled with things I'll be needing in my 40's (a hairpiece and some reading glasses, see below) - along with some delicious cake bites.

21. My littlest kiddos wrote me sweet birthday notes.

22. Coolister rode his bike home so he could be here when I blew out my candles.

23. Chip carpooled to Salt Lake City with me (he drove) for an interpreter workshop.

24. Chip bought me some One World Cafe lunch after the interpreter workshop.

25. Beth, Amber and Amanda brought me a fun (and tasty!) cupcake from the Sweet Tooth Fairy.

26. Our friends Bill & Rike treated us to a night at the Hale Center Theater to see Xanadu (SO FUNNY!).

27. Our awesome friend Dave taught All-a-Boy how to make crepes so that...

28. All-a-Boy could make me breakfast in bed, all by himself.

29. All-a-Boy then made crepes for everyone else's breakfast, too!

30. My oldest brother, Toby, sent me a happy birthday email.

31. Our friend Ben brought some KFC for a group of us who were helping a friend get moved.

32. Another friend, Korey, walked home to get some water bottles to pass around after we ate Ben's KFC.

33. ElemenoB made dinner for the family quite a few times.

34. One of the kids folded and put away the laundry without being asked.

35. Coolister changed Baby X's diaper without being asked when he was home for a visit.

36. Thumbelina made me a darling button bracelet.

37. All-A-Boy gave up his ticket to Beauty and the Beast at the Capitol Theater so that I could go with my oldest 4 girls.
38. A stranger complimented me on an outfit I was wearing.

39. My pal Jacqui gave the elementary school kids a ride home more than once which meant I didn't have to load up all of my littles to do it myself.

40. A sweet older gentleman at the store told me repeatedly what a darling family I have (when I thought they were being less than darling) and helped me remember what a great stage of life I'm at.

Life is grand! I could have kept going beyond forty. I need to make the time to count my blessings more often.


Deb said...

How awesome!!! :)

Rachel said...

I'm afraid I need those glasses back. I can't read the ward phone list!!

I'm sure it's just a phase my eyes are going through......

:D Love you Gerb!!!!

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Sweet list!

Chelle! said...

You are truly loved! Thanks for sharing!