Thursday, December 2, 2010

Stocking Is Underrated

Last month my eldest daughter, ElemenoB, turned the magical age of 16. The magic has nothing to do with becoming the age for acquiring a driver's license (no, we had to force her into finally getting her driving permit last week). The magic has everything to do with reaching the age that we allow our children to date.

Well, ElemenoB jumped right on that. She hasn't been asked out yet (unless you count already being asked to next year's homecoming dance) but she has taken matters into her own hands.

The school hosts a 'girl's choice' Christmas dance in December. She and some friends brainstormed unique ways to ask someone to this dance using a Christmasy-type theme. She decided to load up a Christmas stocking full of treats and attach the following note:

I promise I'm not
I just wanted to ask you
to the Christmas dance.
From ElemenoB

ElemenoB then sent the stocking with a friend who is on a school trip to California (along with the guy she is asking) so that he could find it outside of his hotel room door one morning.

As one who basically stalked my husband across state lines to get him to notice me (and, eventually, marry me), this form of asking is close to my heart as well as - in my humble opinion - pure genius.

The answer is pending... but really, how could he say no?


Broughton said...

So cute! Honestly how could someone say no to ElemenoB?!! She is just too darn cute!

Rachel said...

What a cute way to ask! One of those times you wish you had a hidden camera going to see the reaction when he finds his stocking. Very festive!!

Linn said...

Darling idea! And he is powerless to resist, the answer will be YES!

Richard & Natalie said...

If he's half as genius as she is the answer will have to be yes. Very clever.

Anaise said...

He has to say yes!!

Kara said...

My first date was a girl's choice dance as well. The morning of the dance I was playing basketball with the Young Women. I went up for a lay-up and landed wrong. I tore quite a few ligaments in my foot and ended up going to the dance in crutches. Not the greatest way to dance but it was fun and memorable.

I hope her date says, "YES" and she has an accident proof first date.

Teachinfourth said...

Wow, remember when stalkers used to be called 'secret admirers'?

Gerb said...

For those who care to know, he stalked her right back (with a piece of celery festooned with googly eyes) and said YES.