Monday, September 13, 2010

Quick Quips

From the mouths of my kids...

"Hey All-a-Boy, I have a present for you!"
"If it's a burp or a fart, I don't want it."

"Could we call the new baby Batman?"
"How about Robin?"
"NO! We will NOT name the baby ANYthing from Batman."
"Okay. How about Yoda?"

At church...
Question to the kids, aged 3-7: "Who can tell me who this is?"
Answer: "Santa Claus!"

Me: "Don't eat lip balm! That's disgusting!"
Hubba: "Well, how do YOU know it's disgusting?"

"Pregnant moms can't do a lots of stuff p-cause their baby tells them to stop it. Only just the mom can hear the baby talking, though. All of us can't hear him until he gets out of her body."

"Mom, do we have a flame thrower?"
"Um, NO. Did you need one for something?"
"I really don't want to talk about it."


cari said...

This reminded me of a time I substituted teaching the 5 year olds and I showed a picture of Nephi and asked who it was and one of the boys said, "Captain Jack Sparrow." Kids are so great!

diane rene said...

oh goodness, thanks for the giggles. I just got done watching a very sad video and needed the uplift in spirit :)

Rebecca said...

If you like to give your kids movie star names (as Doug believes) then why not superheroes?
I think those were some good suggestions! ;)

Broughton said...

Those are so hilarious!!!!

Richard & Natalie said...

Love 'em.

Always do.

Thanks for the smile.

Lori said...

Hilarious!! I love reading these, Gerb. Keep 'em coming.

Mom not Mum (Sandy) said...

Come on, I think you can work Robin in to there somewhere. My husbands middle name is Charles. If his 3 year old sister had gotten her way he would have been named Charlie Brown.

Rachel said...

So, how DO you know?? ;D

Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you that I was laughing at these?

I wouldn't want a burp or a fart, either.