Monday, September 27, 2010

Change = Not Easy

(Eleven of my 14 favorite little friends)

Yesterday was a toughie.

My 'job' at church was changed - I will now be the secretary for the Primary (kids aged 18 months-11 years old). I'm sure I will eventually enjoy these new responsibilities, but man oh man is it tough to let go of my little class.

Yesterday was my last week as teacher to my little 5-6 year-olds. I hated having to tell them this news, although it was likely harder for me than it was for them. Kids are pretty resilient, really. Besides the emotional breakdown that Hubba had when I made my announcement, they all took it fairly well.

I went all out for my last hoo-rah, making sure that every child's favorite things to do were included in the lesson. We colored. We taped. We told stories and used visual aids and finger puppets. Each child was spotlighted for their amazing talents, which were printed on a bookmark. I played my accordion for them, which was accompanied by a little impromptu dancing. I even passed out take-home treats at the end.

For the first time, ever, I don't think anyone asked to go to the bathroom. Miracles happen.

As each of them left they gave me the customary high five or hug. Almost every one told me they were going to miss me, which was making me a little teary - until it came to Super C. He gave me a hug and then said, "Don't wuh-wee, Sisto Bwack. We will get an awesome new tee-cho and then we won't hawdly miss you at all!"

The problem is, I am selfish. And Super C's words are exactly what I am worried will happen. My church class is like my little Sunday family! I want invitations to their future art shows and sporting events and wedding receptions. I feel like I'm putting my Sunday kids up for adoption and just hoping for the best when it comes to a new parent. Will he/she remember their birthdays and notice when they aren't there? Will he/she appreciate how creative and witty and clever they are? Will he/she make an effort to contact the two kids who only make it to class on occasion? Most importantly, will the new teacher love them like I do? (Impossible!)

I'm sure things will all work out. I know that early next year, when I'm carrying a carseat around with me again, it will be much easier to fulfill my secretarial duties than to wrangle a precocious class full of young'uns.

But still...

I'm just going to miss it, that's all.


diane rene said...

I think it is wonderful that they have someone, outside of mom, dad and immediate family, that cares as much as you do. that is something that they will carry with them, whether they are aware of it or not, that will guide their conscience into caring for other children.

I know because I am lucky enough to have had those people in my life. there is no doubt in my mind that any child I come across is special and should be encouraged in his or her individuality ... and when I am looking into those innocent eyes, I remember those who encouraged me.

Rebecca said...

I love Hubba's half smile. And after reading the entire post, I had to go back to the top and look at his cute face (and yours!) so that I didn't cry, myself!

On the other hand...Primary Secretary sounds like a real nice calling to me.

Kristin said...

Oh, how I miss being in Primary! Sounds like you were the ULTIMATE teacher. They will definitely miss you :)

Kristi said...

I just got released from Beehive Advisor and cried and cried like a baby for days! It's amazing how attached we get to these guys!

Laurie said...

The first time I was released from teaching little ones I dressed up like a clown because I knew I would cry and cry (Primary was on a weekday then). Now I've come to know that these precious little ones keep cycling through our lives while they are growing up - you will probably be a den mother, an achievement day leader, a Seminary teacher and/or another type of teacher for these same kids; they stay in our lives one way or another which is a good thing because they never, ever leave our hearts.

Rachel said...

No, you won't be forgotten or replaced. The new teacher is going to have some major shoes to fill. If that is possible.

Just SO said...

Every primary class needs a teacher like you.

Richard & Natalie said...

Unfortuantely, change is the only constant in life. They will remember you and I'm sure when they see you in the hall or Primary room as Secretary you will still get those hugs and high-fives.