Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Love You, Too

Every day, at least 3 times a day, my little 3-year-old towhead says these words to me:

"I love you, too, Mom".

I do not have to tell him that I love him first, that is just the way it always comes out. He always loves me, too. He knows that I love him and he's just letting me know that the feeling is mutual.

This morning as he shared those same sweet words with me, it reminded me of a particular Valentine's Day from many years ago. It was a difficult time for me as a teenager. All of my friends were looking forward to the occasion in anticipation of the gifts of love they would receive from that 'special someone' in their life. I, however, was dreading the day. It served as a constant reminder to me that I had no 'special someone', no 'significant other', no one who would be thinking of the perfect gift to show their love for me.

When the day came, I had worked myself into a state of depression. As was my custom, I knelt beside my bed and said a prayer to begin the day. I am ashamed to admit that my heart was not in this prayer. I was feeling sorry for myself and was selfishly asking things like, "Will I ever meet someone who will love me?" "What is wrong with me?" and "Is it wrong to just want a Valentine's gift? Just a little box of candy or a flower?" When I finished my prayer, I opened my bedroom curtain and turned to leave. And then I stopped and looked back out the window. There, near the curb of the busy street outside, was a flowerbed. It had always been there, but on this particular day it brought a thought to my mind: My Heavenly Father gives me flowers everyday. He gives me a sunrise each morning, and a sunset at the close of each day. He gives me the sounds and the feel of the ocean, the sun to warm me, and birds to sing me a cheerful song. There is always someone there who loves me, and He is constant. He always has been there and always will be. I decided to make that day one of sharing love with others instead of feeling miserable. I stopped at the store and bought some kiddie valentines and a couple of bags of heart-shaped chocolates, signed my name to the cards, and passed them out - mostly to people I didn't know. People on the city bus, in my college classes, even random people in the campus cafeteria got a valentine from me that day. It was one of the best Valentine's days I can remember.

I hope that today, on Valentine's Day, you can all say, "I love you, too" to someone. Because remember, there is always someone who loves you. Just take a look out your window.


Rebecca said...

Good story, Gerb. But I hate conversation hearts. Nasty. How can we call that junk "candy"? Maybe you could choose a picture of V-Day flowers, instead.

ablackman said...

Q: Will I ever meet someone who will love me?

A: Everyone that knows you loves you, especially me.

Q: What is wrong with me?"

Nothing at all (except for maybe those funky-lookin' feet, and I wouldn't change them if I could)

Q: Is it wrong to just want a Valentine's gift? Just a little box of candy or a flower?

A: It may be hopeless, but its not wrong.

Michelle said...

Hey felt how I feel sometimes. Thanks for always being and inspiration!!! I just think you are simply FABULOUS!!!

ablackman said...

Gerb, you're so subtle with the way you positioned that green candy heart?

Pam said...

You kids get a room! ;o)

Shellie said...

I like conversation hearts!But I love chocolate. What a great story! I love getting messages like that.

Teachinfourth said...


This year I decided to do something similar to what you did. By focusing on others, it's amazing just how good we feel. Thanks for posting such a great thought.

Mom not Mum said...

Aww that is sweet - and also a great lesson. On Valentine's day we were busy on a family vacation. At the end of the day I was cuddling with my daughter who then said "sorry I didn't get you a beautiful valentine to make your day perfect." I am absolutely sure that the cuddling and the thought was much better than any Valentine ever could have been.