Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Great Pumpkins

Last year Little O's first grade teacher gave each of the students in his class a little baggie with 4 pumpkin seeds inside. He brought it home and begged me for weeks to let him plant them. I kept thinking I would be using all of the available space in our back yard for gardening but as the weeks passed I realized that the garden, unfortunately, was going to be a lot smaller than originally planned.

Much to O's delight, I let him plant his seeds. All by himself. And now he is the proud owner of his own little pumpkin patch which produced 11 potential jack-o-lanterns and one smiling boy. (One pumpkin is still dark green and ripening on the vine as we speak.)

All-a-Boy was asked to the school Halloween dance and asked if he could have one of O's pumpkins to use in answering his date. Little O did not hesitate to say yes. And when I asked if we could use a few to decorate Z Library for Halloween he chose his favorites and shared them with me.

He is such a generous boy with a tender and giving heart. We love him to all of infinity.    

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Anaise said...

That is a wonderful story. Could there be anything more satisfying for a small boy than to plant and reap and share? I just can't imagine anything better.