Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quick Quips: Road Trip Version

Some things my kids said on our drive to Minnesota this summer:

Little X: Those clouds looks like they catched on FIRE!

Hubba: The sky looks like an ocean out here. I'm totally serious. Look at it. It's like an ocean in the sky. Like a floating ocean. I'm serious! Is everyone seeing this?

Little X: I wish there is never ending tunnels in the earth so our car can go places a lot faster!

Little O: Those are the biggest pointy mountains I have ever saw.

Little X: (in North Dakota) Whoa! That is a LOT of grass!

Little X: (as we're trying to complete an animal scavenger hunt in Yellowstone) Hey! I sawed a deer!
Everyone: Really? Where?
Little X: On that sign back there!
*1 minute later*
Little X: Hey! I sawed a bear!
Everyone: You did? Where?
Little X: On this paper they gaved us! I WIN!

In one of the hotels we stopped at we watched the last 40 minutes or so of the movie Rudy. Curly sees the closing credits and the following conversation ensues.
Curly: His name is Rudy? That's a funny name for a boy. 
Me: You just now realized his name was Rudy? It's the name of the movie! What did you think they were all chanting in the stadium at the end?
Curly: I thought they were saying, "Fruity! Fruity!"
Me: That doesn't even make any sense.
Little X: I thought they were saying, "Little X! Little X!"

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