Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three Little Birds

For the first time this summer I have had two solid days where I have not heard one kid proclaim, "I'm bored!" How is this small miracle occurring, you ask? They've been busy looking out the front window.

All-a-boy, Allen the Younger and Hubba have all had to build birdhouses for scouts at some point. And that means the younger kids see them and they want to build one, too. Some fall apart after a few days and some last for years, but we currently have 3 birdhouses in our tree out front. Earlier, in the spring, we had some doves nesting up high in the tree. That was neat, but this is even better. Some birds finally decided to take up residence in one of our birdhouses!

They brought all sorts of leaves and pine needles and miscellaneous items to the house to build a nest. And then we saw 3 little eggs in the nest. And now? Three little birds. And a busy mama bird, bringing them worms and bugs and who knows what else, all day long.



Aren't they adorable? The kids love watching as they occasionally poke their little heads out of the birdhouse and call for their mother. We love to narrate what we think they're saying.

 But moooooooom! I'm still hungry!

 Hey lady. Stop taking pictures. I'm serious.

Mooooooooom! The human keeps taking our picture! 

Leave us alone! We're hungry! 

Where's our mom?


It's like having the nature channel on 24/7, but even better. 


stephanie said...

Those are just awesome pictures!!!!!!

Anaise said...

That is a truly excellent adventure you're all having. It's the best summer activity I've seen.

Petersons said...

Love the commentary!