Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Oh, Happy Day!

This was my birthday ice-cream-cake. Total awesomeness! 

Allen the Younger seemed to have something of a curse on him for a while there. Every time he would bring a girl to our house she would stop answering his calls and texts. We're not sure if we scared those girls off or what. But let me tell you - good... no, AWESOMELY FANTASTIC things come to those who wait! Because once Allen t.y started bringing this beauty around, we all fell in love with her. And when I say beauty I'm not just talking about looks. This girl has beauty coursing through every ounce of her and a light in her eyes that speaks volumes.

Meet Kia! Allen the Elder and I were ready for these two to be engaged before they were and I was really proud of us for not saying anything about it. But once Allen the Younger asked us what we thought, we were ready for him! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Every time she comes over we love her more.

They were officially engaged the first week of June and will be married at the end of the summer. And to say that I'm happy about it would be putting it lightly.

This is all so crazy-happy to think about. I am excited beyond description and can not wait for Kia to officially be our daughter!

At Kia's brother's wedding


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Oh! How exciting!!! Congratulations to the happy couple! :)

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What a cute couple:)