Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dirty Laundry

Yesterday as I was doing the laundry it took me at least a half hour to try to salvage a few of Allen's white shirts by scrubbing at various stains. And I'll admit, I wasn't exactly being cheerful about it. I kept thinking things like, "why can't he change into work clothes?" and "who gets their white shirts this dirty?"

Then it hit me.  Allen's white shirts are stained because he loves to serve people. As he walks home from church and runs into someone who needs help with something in their yard or on their car or in their house, he doesn't hesitate or worry about what he's wearing - he just jumps right in and helps where it's needed. When he's visiting someone in their home and they need help with a messy problem, he's happy for the opportunity to serve.

With that change of perspective my thoughts did a 180 degree turn and I was feeling teary and thankful to have the husband that I do. Suddenly I was grateful for the chance I had to do for him what he does for so many others. He is the living, breathing example of the saying: Service is love in action.

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Anaise said...

That's perfect.