Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Getting Caught In The Rain

My soaked-to-the-skin family, safe at home

We decided to take a leisurely hike up the canyon near our home one Monday night.  The weather was beautiful, slightly overcast with just enough of a breeze to make a late summer day pleasant. As we began our hike we could hear very distant thunder but figured we had plenty of time to get up to the end of the trail and back. At one point there was a huge gust of wind that shot straight through the canyon and left us all exhilarated.  After that the overcast sky quickly transformed into a storm cloud that blew in right over the canyon.   

I'm sure you can guess where this is going.

Just as we reached the rocks we were hiking to a major downpour hit.  We tried to seek shelter but other than the trees there was none to be found.  We ran to a concrete building just a little ways back from where we were but there was just a slight overhang of the roof that didn't offer much protection. 

To Allen and I and our older kids, this was an adventure! But to the younger kids, especially Hubba, we were on the brink of disaster. Every time we saw a lightning strike followed by almost immediate thunder, Hubba would yell out to me, things like, "We're going to die!" or "We need to get out of here NOW!"

Eventually we realized that the storm was not going to let up, so we each grabbed someone by the hand and ran down to the van in the downpour, screaming and laughing. Hubba held tightly to my hand the entire way. He wouldn't let me stop to catch my breath or pull up my wet jeans that were slowly making their way south as they became more and more saturated. I probably should have told him that I had offered a silent prayer that we would be safe and felt a calming assurance that all would be well.  Once we reached the shelter of the van we asked if everyone enjoyed the hike. Everyone responded in the affirmative except for Hubba, who proclaimed it as the worst day of his life.

A couple of weeks later, Allen, Allen the Younger and All-a-Boy went on a high adventure scout trip where they did some canyoneering in a slot canyon. I can't really fill you in on all the details very well since I wasn't there, but they had another experience of being caught in a sudden downpour - and this time it was more like the way Hubba had imagined our family adventure to be - pretty scary with an unpredictable outcome. Maybe I can get one of my boys to write about it?  Regardless, everything ended well and everyone made it home safe and sound. In the time that they were gone we had prayed for their safety both morning and night, just as we pray for our missionaries and any member of our family who is not home with us.  I'm sure that the scout leaders and young men were sending some prayers heavenward during that trip as well.

Some would call it a coincidence that our prayers coincided with our safety but I see it differently - and I am certainly not going to see what happens if we tried to go without.

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