Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back To School 2014

The elementary school crew

This school year creeped up on us quicker than any other year. Is it just me, or are summers getting shorter? This year I'll have kids in 5 schools - elementary, middle school, high school and two different colleges. That's kind of crazy.

Here's our sweet O, all ready for 1st grade.
When I picked him up after school the first day he asked, "Is every day at school going to be so LONG? It took forEVER for school to be done!"  The funny thing is, they're on an early-out schedule for testing and parent/teacher conferences this week and next. So the school day is actually just going to get longer. I'm sure he'll do great but I miss having him here at home with me in the mornings.  He's loving his teacher and enjoying eating lunch at school.

Our cute little Curly, excited for 2nd grade.
Curly gets to have O's kindergarten teacher for 2nd grade this year and we are thrilled because we love Mrs. P!  Curly was excited for school to start because she missed the math homework over the summer. What?

Hubba, our handsome 4th grader.
Hubba seems to get the new teachers for the last couple of years and this year is no exception. He was assigned to one teacher at the end of the school year, then it changed over the summer and now he's got a permanent teacher who seems like she'll be fantastic.

Princess is going to rock the 6th grade.
She got the teacher she was hoping for and is enjoying her new responsibility as one of the students who gets to push the button to play the national anthem over the intercom in the morning.

Cowgirl started school the day after everyone else because she's now in the 8th grade and the first day at her middle school is for 7th graders only.
She's taking some classes that sound pretty fun, like architectural rendering and a leadership class.  She's also excited that they will be doing The Sound of Music for the school musical later this year.

All-a-Boy is now a sophomore. When did that happen?
It is crazy to me to think that once Julia leaves for college All-a-Boy will be the oldest child at home. For most of his academic classes he is beyond the point where I can help any more. That's what happens when you have geniuses for children. I tell myself that all of my best brain cells went to my kids when I was growing them and it makes me feel a little better about my forgetfulness and lack of smarts.

Bring on the school year!


Maleen said...

Ha ha. I totally take credit for building my kids from my brain cells. Totally why I can't remember anything and they are so smart.

Um...and I can't BELIEVE little O is in first grade. I remember when he was born.

Petersons said...

I'm pretty sure that's where my best brain cells went too. What are you and the littlest one going to do with yourselves all day now?