Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Colorado and HOME!

We were excited to get to Denver, Colorado and spend some time with Daren and Shannon! At some random city where we stopped for dinner we saw this mini Statue of Liberty and I commented that we didn't have to go to New York because we could have gotten a picture here and All-a-Boy, in a less-than-enthusiastic voice, said, "Yay. Let's stop and take a picture."  So we did.

And then we made him get his own picture, too. 

As we drove along we went through Happy, Texas.  As we passed the turnoff Julia commented, "Mom, I am beyond Happy right now." Such a clever girl, that one.

We had such a blast in Colorado!  We were greeted by Little A dancing on the lawn when we arrived.  The kids watched movies, played in the back yard, over fed the fish (sorry!) and played with Legos.  We went to a park, shopped at a thrift store and visited a candy factory.  It was so great to visit their little corner of the world and to have lots of time to just sit and visit after all of our time on the road!  Before we knew it, it was time to head for home. 

Little O and Little A got to be pretty great cousin-friends by the time we left and neither of them were ready for us to go.

But eventually all good things seem to come to an end, and this visit was no exception.

It was pretty exciting to be headed for our final destination: HOME! I almost wanted to cry as we crossed the border into Utah.

When we pulled into the driveway, we had driven just over 7700 miles on our three week journey.  It was SO GOOD to be home!

Well, until we noticed the sinkhole in the lawn, where the scouts had accidentally punctured our sprinkler line when setting up a flag in our yard a few days before we arrived home.  And then when we walked inside and the house smelled like something had died in there because our deep freezer had blown a circuit or something and stopped working who knows how long before we got home with shelves full of meat now thawed and leaking out of the door.  And then we went into the bathroom because it smelled kind of moldy/stale, and realized that there had been a slow drip happening beneath the sink the entire time we were gone, resulting in some minor flooding inside the cabinet.

At that point we sort of wanted a vacation again, but we were able to find the good in all of it (you can always find SOMETHING good if you look for it, I promise!) and just enjoy sleeping in our own beds again.

The day after we got home Shannon posted a picture of this drawing by Little O that she found beneath her couch after we had left:  

and we remembered what the whole trip was all about - connecting with each other and with family.


HL said...

Such a fun trip. Getting home is always nice.

Sorry for your frozen food loss. I hear about this happening quite often.

Kara said...

That is one chunky big trip.

Heather Rose-Chase said...

Wow... sorry about what happened when you returned home, but wow, what a trip! I think the number one thing I miss about America (well, okay, number three behind my parents and In N Out Burger) would have to be taking long road trips. Here I take long train rides. It's just not the same! Thanks so much for letting us share in your journey!

Maleen said...

One of my favorite things about kids is when they say something witty that I wish I would have thought of. Beyond Happy...that is excellent.