Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beggar's Opera

Thumbelina and All-a-Boy were in their school's production of Beggar's Opera.  The director decided to take it in a more interesting direction by incorporating bluegrass music and folk tunes.  All-a-Boy was the sheriff, Thumbelina was a thief.  

We loved the set design and the bluegrass band.  Awesome!

Every once in a while a couple of hillbilly gals would come to center stage with a 1-2 sentence synopsis of what was happening on a chalkboard.  This was a genius idea, as it helped those of us who were getting lost in the language to understand what was going on.

Overall the show was fun, there was a lot of obvious musical talent involved and some great acting as well.

Here is Thumbelina's solo, for which her microphone did not work.  But it's okay because she's adorable and fun to watch.

It is always a thrill to see my kids on stage! I love that they love something I loved when I was their age.



Anaise said...

Your kids are fabulous!

Maleen said...

Okay, I have to ask. Those pictures are fabulous. Were you standing right there by the stage? I thought they didn't allow photography during a performance. Did you maybe take these during a dress rehearsal? Or get them from someone assigned to take pictures? I'm just so curious.

Gerb said...

Maleen- Thanks! I was sitting off to the right of the stage, about 6 rows back. My zoom is really good. This was an actual performance, they only ask that we take no FLASH photography so I assumed that my non-flash photography would be fine. Not too bad for a point-and-click, eh?