Saturday, February 1, 2014

Party Animal

At the beginning of the year our church held an activity for the children age 3-11 to introduce them to their new teachers for the year.  Little O's teacher later told me that when she asked each of the kids to share their name, age and something about them with the class his response was:

My name is Little O.  I'm 5 years old.  I like to party and I like girls. A LOT!

Then yesterday I found his homework on the table and saw the way he completed this sentence:

This cracks me up!  Not only because I'm not sure what a partying goat would look like, but because I'm pretty sure that the only parties he has been to are birthday parties and family parties.  I can't help but wonder what is going on in his brain.  We've never referred to any of this as 'partying', either.  So we can't figure out where the term 'party' came from or what exactly it means to him.

Little O definitely knows himself though because it has always been pretty obvious that he likes girls. A lot. His current infatuation is his kindergarten teacher.  For a week or so Curly was sick. She's the one who picks him up from his class and walks him out to the car after school but because she wasn't there Princess was supposed to do it.  She kept forgetting, so he ended up being the last one waiting to go home.  After a couple days of this he informed me that he wanted to stick with this new arrangement because it meant he got to have Mrs. P all to himself for a little while, "...and she's soooooo beautiful!"

Don't worry, we're keeping an eye on this one.


Anaise said...

I imagine life in your house is rather like a party. Perhaps that's what he means. :) I'm thinking that more great stories about this one are in the future!

Petersons said...

Yes I agree with Anaise. I'm looking forward to more Little O stories! So cute.

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