Thursday, August 1, 2013

You Get What You Pay For

This first picture is a starting-off point to help illustrate my story.  It was taken in June.  Please notice of the length of my hair.

I can't believe I am going to write a whole post about my hair.  But here it goes, because I want to remember the lesson I learned the hard way.

I have mentioned before that my best ever hair stylist cousin moved to Texas and left me and my hair all alone.  I'm not a big fan of change, so my hair was ignored for about a year.  The good thing was, it grew out.  The bad thing was, it got super frizzy.    I decided to just be brave and go get a little trim but I wasn't sure who to go to.

A friend recommended two stylists so I tried to make an appointment.  The first was scheduled out for almost 3 months and the receptionist at the second asked me to call back because they were too busy at the salon to take calls right then.

I remembered how I had taken All-a-Boy to a local hair school and gotten his hair cut for FREE with a discount card that I have.  I remembered how much he loved it and how good his hair looked afterward.  I figured I was just getting a trim to make my hair feel more healthy so it wouldn't be so bad to have a student do it.  I rationalized that they have instructors who supervise everything that they do.  So I did it.  I still had one FREE haircut available on my discount card so I called the hair school and made myself an appointment. 

I told the student who was going to cut my hair exactly what I wanted: just a little trim, maybe 1/2 inch off all around.  I emphasized that I was trying to grow my hair longer and just wanted it to be healthier.  She got her instructor and explained what she would do.  The teacher reminded her that curly hair is shorter when it's dry and longer when its wet.  A nod, a smile - understanding all around.  The student was friendly and told me she only had a few months left of school.  I was relieved to know she had some experience. 

After my little trimming of hair was complete she dried it with a diffuser.  "Your hair is SO curly!" she kept saying to me as I laid back in the chair so she could dry it properly.  When she was finished she asked if she could give me a messy bun in the back because it would look SO cute with the curls!  I agreed.  When she was done she showed me the finished 'do.  It was pretty cute.  "Oh! I forgot to have my instructor check it off!" she said and went to find her.  The teacher reminded her that she was supposed to have the cut checked off while it was still wet and unstyled, but everyone seemed happy so all was well.

I gave her a tip (because the haircut was FREE, remember?) and went about my merry way, feeling so cute with my messy curly bun 'do.  The next day I took the messy bun out and washed my hair.  When I looked in the mirror, it was obvious something was not right.   

The front of my hair was longer than the back.  I dried it with a diffuser, thinking it would fix the problem.  The back of my hair was really curly - because it was a lot shorter than it had been.  The front of my hair?  Pretty much just naturally frizzy.  I tried curling the front part of my hair with a curling iron but it only made things worse.  I pulled the longer sides back and pinned them up.  That was better. 

This first picture shows my hair pinned back, the way I wear it pretty much every day for the last 3 weeks since my hair disaster.  It looks pretty normal, right?

 When I pull the back of my hair to the front you can see how much shorter it is now. 

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!  Here's the new haircut without the pin-it-back disguise:

Can you tell that the front is longer than the back?  From just the front it doesn't look so bad. From the side, though...

Here are the differences in length when the back and front are pulled straight.

The worst thing is, it wasn't a FREE haircut after all.  I tipped the stylist-in-training $10 so I'm sure she thinks she did a fantastic job!

In haircuts and in life, it is good to remember that you get what you pay for.    


Alexis said...

Yep, it's true, you definitely get what you pay for at the hair schools. My sister and I had a similar experience at a hair school, except she was dying her hair and it turned out black but still had blonde splotches. Then they asked if they could curl it instead of straighten in and half of her head was tight curls, the other half loose curls. It was pretty bad. She posted about it on her blog Your post just reminded me of that whole experience and all I could do was laugh because that's what we could to do when we left the salon. We also learned our lesson the hard way.

A Lark said...

Sad about your hair.... you've gotta admit the stylist disguised it pretty well (I wonder if she knew what she'd done).
I have an AWESOME hairstylist - found her years ago and I trust her completely. I'll email her info to you in case you need someone to help fix your hair issues. (:

Linn said...

Oh my sweet chicken, what was that girl thinking? I'm so sorry. Gratefully, you are beautiful, so a bad haircut can't do much to you, but good gravy...what was she thinking?

Petersons said...

Maybe she should stay in school awhile longer? If you go back and show the instructor I'm sure she would fix it. The instructor I mean! Good luck!

Connie said...

I've had haircuts like that! What's the old saying, "The difference between and good hair cut and a bad one is about 2 weeks!" I agree with Linn. You are beautiful, regardless of the hair.