Friday, August 30, 2013


I discovered this morning that there is a sad lack of photos of my pal Trish and I together.  

(I wrote this back in April but never posted it.  Today I was thinking about my friend Trish and all of the awesome memories we share and continue to create.  I remembered writing this, found it, and am posting it to share with her.  Love ya Trish!  When it comes to friends you are the real deal.)

"Red, Red Wine" came on the radio this morning as I drove the kids to school and I was instantly transported back to my old teenage stomping grounds: West High School.  I could clearly picture my friend Trish and I hanging out near our favorite little patch of grass in front of Building 3 or wandering the school grounds, singing our own version of "Red, Red Wine" to the disgustingly attached teenage couples we came across.  P.D.A.... go get a roooooom! You need heeeeeeeelp!...  Maybe we were singing it more for our own amusement, to help dispel the awkwardness we felt around them.  It sure worked!  We would laugh, amused by our own cleverness as we continued singing this mini-parody we had crafted about their obnoxious public displays of affection.

As I thought about it this morning, though - I wondered what the other kids thought.  The ones our song was directed toward.  The couples who would make out between classes and be awkwardly attached to each other all through lunch.  Maybe they felt like swapping spit was a way for them to ease their own uncomfortable feelings when they were embarrassed for the two giggly girls who maybe should have kept their voices to themselves?

Nah.  We totally rocked that song.  Still could if we had to.


Petersons said...

Nice. A friend like you would've been helpful when I was in high school!

Rachel said...

Okay. Glad you put in that last paragraph cuz I was going to have to have a talk with you. I still yell at people to get a room! :D Unless it is me and my kids saying that to their dad and I to which I just tell them all to grow up! ;)