Friday, April 12, 2013

Pictures I Took

I was transferring a whole load of pictures from my camera to my computer this morning and I realized that I take pictures of pretty much everything I find even slightly interesting.  Here are a few gems that I decided to post.  

Allen and I were driving somewhere and I noticed something on the back bumper of the car ahead of us.  As we got closer we saw this:
Genius!  Who wants to have to buy one of those fancy trucks to use a trailer hitch when you can just shove one up through the back of your car bumper?  Well played, car-with-a-hitch owner!

We like to say we live on the other side of the tracks.  (Because we actually do.)  This means that if we don't time things right we spend a significant amount of time waiting for trains to pass.  When I was waiting the other day I noticed this strange message printed on the side of multiple train cars:
So I put my hammer away.  Foiled again! 

Allen and I were attending a class where one day the teacher asked us to each draw a pig then trade pictures with someone else at our table.  The lady sitting across from me handed me this.
I don't know about you, but I couldn't find the pig anywhere in her picture.  I wondered when she had last seen a pig or maybe if this was some strange breed I've never seen before.  Then I just laughed.  I couldn't resist taking a picture of her drawing.  It's like an eternal I Spy game.  I'm still trying to find the pig.

I was reading the Fablehaven series of books back when Hostess went out of business.  I forgot that I had taken a picture of this passage that I happened upon a few days after our local Hostess bread store closed its doors:
Sorry, Doren.  Maybe you could try eBay.

A friend brought me this drink.  It's a drink I've never had before, and I'm a label reader, so I read the label and noticed this bit of good advice:
As in life, chill for best results.


Rachel said...

It's a prehistoric bloated rhino. The lady didn't get the memo. I know I've made the same mistake a million times. Someone says pig and I totally think they said rhino!

These are awesome photos. I love that you took them. I see things like this and giggle to myself. Doesn't cross my mind to take a photo and share. That is why you get the Awesomest Award! Among many other awesome traits that you have.

Maleen said...

Those are all fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Connie said...

This made me smile.

Angela said...

oh that pig picture was so funny