Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break In Photos





Pam Farley said...

Yaaaaay! Is that Little O peeking out of a rack at DI? Ours has exactly the same signs!

Gerb said...

It's a rack at Goodwill! We spent a week in southern California and I was excited to visit some of my old favorite thrift stores. You'll appreciate my favorite find - an authentic Star Wars sheet! Now I have to decide what to make with this precious commodity. It may sit in my fabric drawer for awhile.

Pam Farley said...

That's one swanky Goodwill! The only place around here that has fancy racks and hangers is DI.

Ooooh, the potential in a Star Wars sheet...I agree that you will have to think on that a bit!

Anaise said...

You must have had extra kids during the week--there are unfamiliar faces in those pictures. :)

Looks like a full, fun week for you all!

I love the last picture of your sleeping little boys with their little naked toes . . . so cute.

Gerb said...


The extras kids are Allen's brother's family. We stayed at their place in San Diego for a few days and at Allen's parents' home the rest of the time. I tried to get pictures of my kids with their cousins who are close in age. Otherwise they are pretty random. :)

I love my sleeping boys and their cute toes, too.

Richard & Natalie said...

Looks like fun and interesting. Glad you got a get away!

Gerb said...

Nat- The best part is that I didn't have to cook all week. Pretty sad, but that's usually my favorite part of any vacation!

And Pam - ElemenoB pointed out to me that it's actually Little X in the racks, not Little O. :)

Rachel said...

The last photo! The toes!! I want to bite them.

Your spring break looks better than ours. The photo of all the kids on the couch staring at the tv. 1) Love how everyone is piled on each other. 2) Love the focus on the intense moment in the movie.

P.S. That little lizard that someone is holding....... Advice: Don't put it in a cage with a preying mantis. The mantis will win. True story!