Monday, December 24, 2012

Errors Around Town

I don't know why it makes me so happy to find these, but it really does.  It's like I'm a part of some secret club or something.

I wonder how many people have noticed this at the Neurologist's office.  Maybe it's some sort of test?

More fodder from our local dollar store.  "Faith is inspiration for the uture".

One of my kids brought this home from school.  No pancakes for me, thanks.

 Only one YOUNG WOMAN can attend, so choose your favorite.
Made in China?

And as proof that I am well-known for my odd pastime, a friend sent me this find from a lesson at church:
I appreciate her sacaficing her time to snap a secret picture for me.  
(Hey!  I AM in some kind of secret club!)

And my oldest boy also sent me this picture from his mission in Texas with the following note:
 "This is in the ads that come every week...So, this one's for you, Grammar Queen!"

Grammar Queen.  Hmmmm.  I could get used to that.


Petersons Blog Spot said...

You have an eagle eye because I never see this kind of stuff. I should go have a look at the dollar store.

Michael said...

Gerb, we're part of the same secret society, although my collections have been exploring the Chinglish arm of the society.

Anaise said...

Oh, man! Those errors make me crazy when I find them! But I laugh when you point them out; you are the queen!

Richard & Natalie said...

I catch some once in a while, but you are good! The one from church cracked me up the most.

Heather Rose-Chase said...

Oh how I wish you could come visit Shanghai! The entertaining errors are abundant and endless! The only downside is I'm finding myself speaking Chinglish myself and losing my grasp of proper grammar...

Gerb said...

Michael- Those were awesome!

Heather- If I were a world traveler in any way I would gladly come spend some time with you guys in Shanghai! And not just for the error spotting. :)