Saturday, December 22, 2012

Born To Be A Scout


I got a phone call right in the middle of one of my rare meetings in Salt Lake City.  Since the kids are under strict instruction not to call unless there is something major needing my intervention or assistance, I stepped into the hall to answer it.

"Mom?" said Hubba's trembling voice.  "We got a phone call from mydenleadersandthey......" Followed by uncontrollable sobbing.

I didn't really understand what he said.  I only understood that he was upset and inconsolable.  "Hubba, is everything okay?  What happened?  You need to slow down and take a deep breath.  I can't understand you very well."

He barely gasped in a weak attempt at a deep breath, resumed crying and told me his sad, sad tale.

"Mom, one of my den leaders called and they are sick or something and so they (SOB! SOB!) CANCELLED SCOUTS TONIGHT!  So we don't have a den meeting and we don't have scouts and I have to miss out on scouts this week (SOB! SOB!) even though I put my bobcat patch on myself since you forgot to sew it on and I pinned it on instead (SOB! SOB!) with the pin they gave me with it that is supposed to be for you but it was still on the card and I used it because we're supposed to have our patches on the uniform!"

(This kid is seriously a genius. Why haven't I ever thought of doing this?)

I took advantage of his pause in the stream of words for a breath to tell him that it would be okay to miss a week of scouts.  Just one week.  His den leaders didn't get sick on purpose.  They probably needed to cancel so none of the boys would get sick, too.

"BUT MOOOOOOOOM!" he continued. "We are supposed to meet every week and pass off our requirements and I've had my uniform on since I got home from school, even my hat, even my neckerchief, and I didn't get them dirty at all (SOB! SOB!) and then they got sick and we don't have scouts tonight and..."

Long story short, I was able to talk one of his siblings into working on some requirements with him at home.  This appeased him, but barely. 

I walked back into my meeting with a smile on my face - because Hubba's phone call totally made my day.  When this kid does something, it is never done half way.  Every week at church he gets excited to see his Den Leader and remind her of the day and time they will be meeting that week, as if she would forget.  He sometimes wears his complete uniform on random days, down to the socks and belt, just because it makes him happy. 

It makes me happy to see how much my boy loves being a Cub Scout.


A Lark said...

May he continue to feel that way about scouts until he earns his Eagle..... (:

Shawna said...

What an awesome boy!

Rachel said...

This is too cute and the pin/patch idea! Heck yeah!! Why didn't I think of that with all of these boys???? Total genius.

Petersons Blog Spot said...

Oh man, that reminds me that I need to sew on some badges! I keep forgetting!

Richard & Natalie said...

At leas, you have only forgotten to sew on 1 patch... I am not admitting how many I have forgotten to sew on over the years!
Hubba's leaders must be awesome to have him that upset.
This was a good reminder to me of just how much these boys love Cub Scouts and the responsibility I have to make it fun yet enriching.

Richard & Natalie said...

The next thing I know I will be featured in your errors post!