Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick Quips

From the mouths of my kids...

You know what I like to say to peoples? "Hi, I'm Little O.  And I'm not naked!"

Curly: Everything is on fire.  What if we were on fire?
Hubba: We won't ever be on fire.  *sigh*  Our life is too boring.

Hubba: Mom, if you catched fire you know what to do, right?  Stop, plop and roll like crazy.
Curly: Remember that, Mom.  I'm SO serious.  It could save your life.

Allen the Younger: What's up with this weird bedpan-space-rocket stencil?
Me: Try turning it around.
Allen t.Y.: Oh. It's a paw print. The star threw me off.

Hubba: I think I just burped in my body.
Me: What does that mean?
Hubba: I heard a noise inside my body.  I think it was an inside burp.

Princess left this note on the table for Curly (who can't read yet):
(The reason this one is so funny is that Princess is about the most sensitive kid in the family. The added note at the bottom was from ElemenoB.)

Little O: Mom! I sawed such a pretty girl today!
Me: Oh, yeah?
Little O: Yes!  Oh, she was SO bu-a-ful!
Me: Really?
Little O: Yes!  And know what? It was YOU, Mom!


Petersons Blog Spot said...

Little O is precious! I have a son like that and I want to keep him all for myself!

Rachel said...

Ohhhhhh! Little O.... what a darling.

When I left the hospital I drew a face on my bedpan for the nurses. Seriously! A bedpan turned over is the shape of a skull..... so I totally get your sons confusion. :D